Government of Niger calls instructors over students’ “vulgar language” during a debate

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The headmaster and classroom teacher of Kassim Primary School in Agaie Local Government Area have been called by the Niger State Government due to a video that went viral that purportedly showed a student using “vulgar language” during an argument.

The student, known as Abdulkabir Abdulkadir, opposed the motion calling for voting to be made mandatory in Nigeria in the widely shared video.

He bemoaned the status of national politics at the moment and attacked President Bola Tinubu, saying that his administration had brought suffering to the populace.

Hadiza Mohammed, Niger State’s Commissioner of Basic and Secondary Education, responded to the video by denouncing the student’s word choice.

She called the video’s material “disturbing” and said the student seemed to have received coaching on how to use foul and aggressive language in his presentation.

The headmaster and the class teacher have been invited by the government to provide a warning to the students, emphasizing that they should not use violent language, especially because the student is a minor.

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