Future Artist Travels 29 Days To See Olamide in Lagos From Delta

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Recently, Tbaddo, an aspiring musician, set out on an incredible adventure, walking from Delta state to Lagos to see his hero, music producer Olamide Adedeji.

Arriving at Ughelli on January 12, the 27-year-old walked the entire distance over the course of 29 days.

His only goal was to get in touch with Olamide, thinking that this meeting would be his key to success in the music business.

Tbaddo is hoping to have Olamide appear on his unheard song, “GuoGuo.” He is optimistic that this partnership will help him reach new heights in his career.

According to him;

“I observe that Lagosians do not seem to appreciate what they have. It’s true that Olamide is a wicked man spiritually, yet his sole real contribution to Yoruba people is his music. Get up close and personal with Olamide. Look into his eyes and tell me what you observe.

“My only chance to succeed in the music industry is with Olamide. Forget about promoting your song if Olamide starts singing it; you just blew it.

He continued by saying,

“I only had 700 with me here in Lagos right now; I only had 4500 with me when I left for the journey.”

I have nothing to do, hmm. I’d rather die than hear everyone laugh at me. Because everyone is staring at me right now. Olamide won’t like it when I soften up, I know that. However, we leave the remainder to God if he does.

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