Fulfill your destiny like an astral in the sky does by shinning. To alleviate the bond of your pains you have to be calm when you are faced with adversity and you should be careful not to catastrophize your challenges by making them look bigger than they really are in reality.

Be calm; maintain your calmness because only then you can be able to see clearly and better.

Its crystal clear you have a dream that must come true. It is apparently seen in your drive towards achieving your dreams that every ounce of you is ready to see it through.

Calmness is the cradle of power when life zooms in its necessary tides. Always remember you are the sky, everything else is weather.

You have dreams, you understand what you want, you itemized them and you walk the path towards realizing it.

You set goals; you ensure the goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. Yet the desired results were not met.

You worked; you do all you assume needful, your result prove and yield nothing and you have decided that what you want doesn’t want you.

Does what you want really want you? If all you want in life is pure wealth, money, luxuries, material incentives or material resources, then you don’t want anything.

You don’t want them in a realm you are yet to tap into to see clearly why what you want doesn’t want you.

It is understandable that when you want something, you take the initiative. When you want anything, you should be able and willing to pay the price. That way, what you want will attract you.

If you want love, you should be ready to give love, when you want friends; you should be ready to be a friend to someone.

It is true. But most times, it does not all end at taking initiative of what you want alone. What you want MUST be in alignment with your Life-Purpose.

Your Life-Purpose can be discovered when you adopt the spirit of humility and calmness. Because, only when you are humble and calm you will be able to align and live your purpose to ensure you are attracted to what you want.

It’s seen in your attitude to life and your outcome of what you want will be your responsibility (whether what you seek wants you or not).

Hearts live by being wounded because when you feel the pains you’ve never felt before, you got wounded. But when you encounter similar occurrences, you are empowered not to bend the kneel the next time.

It is understandable calm is a superpower but difficult to accept when you are addicted to achieving a specific target because you are always striving to be better than who you were yesterday.

But you need calmness to be able to help look back at your previous successes and see how you could make them better. When you are excessively agitated, curious and eager because it connect you, it gives you vitality and it as well disallow you in seeing a better stance of who you are in relation to what you want.

You will be surprised how far you can go past the point where you thought it was the end, when what you want should want you.

Many have failed. Many stop trying. The train and necessary tides of life has sway off many souls, leaving behind their bodies to roam the universe. Many give up and say words like, I’m done. It’s over. Everything I know isn’t working my way. I hope I could do better, I just can’t. I don’t love because there is nothing worthy to love in this world.

Yeah, it all looks like you are done. It all looks nothing aren’t working your way or in your favor. Your desire to do better and to get the best is at optimal level, yet it looks you’re making a fool out of yourself, judging from your results.

You see nothing to love because all you’ve experienced is deceit, fraud, lies and hatred; just like a prophet of doom.

Sometimes, your plight grows when you think of the fact that it is the stupid and the ugly who have the best of things in this world.

I know it all looks meaning less to ask the toad for a chair when himself is squatting. But have you ever wondered why the toad chooses to live on?

The toad chooses to live on because it believes in its purpose of existence. The toad believes it will not listen to how unsuccessful and lonely the world has described it, the toad choose to die to criticism.

The toad chooses to live on because it believes the challenges aren’t endemic to its nature, the challenges aren’t permanent, pervasive and not personal.

Adopt some views from the toads and always know you are not alone in your misery and victory. Believe in yourself, love yourself, and share your adversity with those that could help you, kill your fear by facing it.

If the fear is too big that you can’t face it, use it as a motivation to take action. Always have faith in God. Your problems didn’t come to ruin you completely, it’s there to teach you to learn from the other side of life and teach you how to do things better next time you try.

What you want will want you when you choose to see clearly through humility and calmness that you have to live with purpose, that you have to be a man of simple tastes who is always satisfied with the best alone.

The best strategy to win all battle is said to be able to wait, wait and wait till you see victory in sight before striking.

If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the result for a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. For what you want to want you, you have to see life as warfare, because you have to know yourself and what you want before going after it (what you want).

Bear in mind, when a man rises, his obstacles sit down. You are a special and exceptional being, heavenly endowed with the spark that makes any power blow. So this is who are you!

So your heart, mind and brain will communicate to you when you make yourself your art and paint yourself a heart (when what you want also wants you, when you are successful and sustain success).

Here’s what I say to myself after writing this article:
“I know what I am meant to be and that is The Unstoppable Achiever, which is why what I want also wants me. If you want to stop me, you have to stop God first. If you can’t, you can’t stop me.”

Do you know what you want? Have you figured out what you are meant to be? If Yes, live life and if No, walk the path of discovery today. Say something to yourself and do something remarkable for yourself by making what you want to want you.

Written by: AKEEM, Babatunde Olamilekan

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