Being riddled with insecurities could surely have an adverse effect on your relationship and if you ever find yourself in such situation, this is how to deal with it:

1. Stop overthinking things

Have you ever found thinking negative thoughts like, “I know they’ll get sick of me someday,” or, “How could they love me?”

These thoughts have little to do with reality but a lot to do with fear.  In other words, the problem you are concerned with probably doesn’t even exist— except in your head!

Just go with the flow, baby.


2. It’s cool to seek reassurances

Reassurances are cool in that they let us know again that our partners are as invested in the emotional transaction as we are. The relationship does not feel one-sided and that is one way to deal with insecurity, finding peace by yourself, and with the help of your partner that you are in safe hands.

It is important, however, to not overdo it.

Constantly checking in with another person and asking them things like, “Do you love me?” or “Are you still happy with me?” may drive the person away and elicit the opposite response that you’re needy and that is the exact thing you don’t want


3. Go all in

Your insecurity may have you feeling too scared to commit or even do the most basic things in the relationship.

Be intentional about being in the relationship, and overcome that feeling of being unworthy of love. When you pour yourself into the relationship and allow yourself lap up all the positive emotions your partner showers on you, the cycle of positivity continues and helps to make you feel more comfortable and quell the feelings of insecurity.

4. Be easy on yourself

You are more amazing than you give yourself credit for. Yeah, you are imperfect, too, but aren’t we all?

There is a reason why your partner chose you aver ad above every other woman. Think about that every time you are feeling down.

With compassionate self-awareness, you will be able to nurture a stronger sense of yourself and a more secure way of connecting with your partner.


5. Optimism is your friend

For the most part, relationships are meant to be cool and fun and all things amazing and breathtaking. Insecure people look for signs of what’s not working. So to break out of that negativity, you would need to start looking for what works, the good and amazing.

Doing this will get you and your partner feeling naturally more positive.

Sure, no meaningful relationship will always totally work all the time but there will be more good times in a happy relationship and if you’ve got that, that is what you should keep focusing on.