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The Demon Who Is In love With Me… PART 51

The Demon Who Is In love With Me… PART 51

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For three days I kept to myself, I only left the room when I wanted to eat. The house had been cleaned, even the parlor was re-painted. Uche came back earlier than expected, with a sling on one hand though. We all spent time with him in his room.
A carpenter came around to fix all the locks and replaced the broken windows, so I had all the privacy I asked for. Jafar stayed in the same room with Uche.
It was Monday and Toun was travelling out, after calling her to wish her journey mercies and all, I called Timi.
Timi: Hey
Me: how are you?
Timi: I heard about Eli, guess we have some closure now..
Me: how about we hang out?
Timi: sure..i will be in town tonight…lets meet at Belle..
Me: thanks..
My face was back to normal, the bluish red marks had disappeared, I still had bouts of headache but it was more manageable.
While Jafar came to take his bath, I told him about meeting Timi..
Jafar: you don’t need to tell me, if you are strong enough to go out, it is fine by me..
Me: How is Uche?
Jafar: He is good, he is grateful for the meals..
Me: that’s my pleasure..
Jafar: I heard school will be resuming next Monday…
Me: that’s nice, I am glad this episode is over…I will be going to Lagos on Thursday..
Jafar: that’s good..
Me: how are you, Jafar?
He put on the shower which put a premature termination to our conversation.
Since he killed Jafar, my feelings for him had changed, whenever I had a soft heart for him, the images of Eli and the other guy’s flood my brain and I just check out.
Timi was waiting in Belle when I got there, some of the students who didn’t travel because of violence where around too, things were getting back to normal. He hugged me, after which we climbed the atop the booth of his car…
Me: how have you been?
Timi: I have been fine..
Me: moved back to your house?
Timi: yes, so you actually saw the killings?
Me: I don’t want to talk about it..
Timi: excuse me lemme go and get our drinks and two plates of Asun..
Me: I miss Asun!..Yay..
I saw Acho from a distance; he greeted me and continued his discussion with the guys he was with…
Timi: so how is Jafar?
He handed me the a cup and a plate of Asun..
Me: He is good…
Timi: how are you guys?….the relationship…
Me: we are having some issues now though, I rather not talk about that one too..
Timi: It’s okay, whenever you want to talk about it, I will be around..
Me: thanks..
Timi: I am going to miss Toun..
Me: me too, I hope she gets back soon…
Timi: I miss you too Nkem…
Me: Awwwwww…
Timi: I am still inlove with you…
Me: oh..Timi..
Timi: Let’s work it out, you belong with me..
Me: Timi don’t start…
He moved closer to me and threw his hand around my shoulder..
Timi: I know you have started missing me and you want us back…stop forming o…
He smiled as he spoke, exposing his beautiful dentition. There and then, I thought of Jafar, the ugly images came but so also the fact that he was there for me always. And even as I was shutting him out of my life, he was still there for me, taking care of me. Risked his life for me…shared things with me that he wouldn’t have shared with anyone…
Me: I am not forming o…
Timi: you mean you also want us back together?
Me: No, I mean I am still inlove with Jafar..
Timi: hmmmm
Me: I think I should leave now, we didn’t part well this morning…
Timi: finish your Asun..
Me: I can’t..i am filled…
Timi: can I drop you off?
Me: don’t worry Timileyin, I will fly a bike…hang out with your guys around…
He hugged me as we said our goodbyes..

The house was its normal self when I got back in, guys hung around in different corners, shooting pool, Drinking and all. But I didn’t see Jafar. I even went to the kitchen but he wasn’t there, so I went to check on Uche. Lying on the floor beside Uche’s bed was Jafar…he was on a blanket sleeping.
I walked up to Uche, he was sleeping too, so I tiptoed out of the room and went to Jafar’s..i took my bath, changed to one of his clothes and went back to Uche’s room. I laid down beside him on the floor, just before I slept..i sniffed him..i loved the way he smelled..
Jafar : you are back..
Me: thought you were asleep..
Jafar: I can smell you…
Me: I am sorry, jafar..I have been so cold towards you…
Jafar: it’s alright, you had a lot of things to process in so little time…
Me: I miss sleeping beside you…
Jafar: do you mean I can return back to my bed?
Me: anytime you want..
Jafar: Now?
Me: sounds great…
We huddled beside each other in bed, the darkness and cold was wonderful..
Jafar: I need to ask you a favor..
Me: what?
Jafar: it’s against popular creed but it feels like the right thing to do…
Me: talk jor…you are scaring me…
Jafar: be my girlfriend…be my woman…
I was surprised…very surprised, because he understood that if we officially started dating I would need to know everything that was going on with him. No more secrets and all. Guys like Jafar could have fling with girls but they never really had ‘girlfriends’ or if they had, they were hidden and out of the spot-light.
Jafar: don’t be scared, we are good now..we are safe..
I kissed him..
Jafar: so how was your date?
Me: it wasn’t a date jor…but I had to leave early…I couldn’t just leave you here and be with an ex..
He kissed me…we started smooching..I sat astride him..
Me: I miss this…
Jafar: we both do..
I pulled his boxer shorts, revealing his dicck..after giving him a hand-job..i tasted the tip then licked it..i liked the jerking reactions I was getting, then I s—-d it…anytime I thought he was getting too excited, I stopped and gave him a hand-job. After a while I dragged my skirt up, shifted my panties to the side and sat on his hardened dicck.
Twenty five minutes later, between panting and giggles…
Me: Yes, I will be your girlfriend.