Story: The Midnight Epic… Part 21


Story: The Midnight Epic… Part 21

If you missed part Twenty yesterday read it HERE!!!

Mr Johnson and I had a deal, but I insisted i would commence the following Semester, Because my Exams was just a week ahead.
On Wednesday Evening, I was reading.
Someone knocked on my door.
“Yes who is that?” I asked

The person kept quiet, but knocked again.
“I angrily walked to the door and flung it open.
Guess who I met! Amarachi! with a big Smile on her face.
” Hey bae,” I said with my hands spread wide, indicating we should hug.
she just walked pass me.

I locked the door.
“I can see you’re reading she said, as she stood before my table.

” Obviously ” I replied.

“Why didn’t you call me while I was away?” she asked, her eyes still on my books.

“I did, a couple of times, and you weren’t picking, I figured you were upset”

“I was!” she said this time around looking into my eyes.

“Amarachi, you’re acting like my Girlfriend,”
“Don’t I mean anything to you?”
she interrupted.

We were both standing! I slowly sat on the bed.

“You’re upset because you traveled, and I didn’t even know, Amarachi who’s suppose to tell me, your ex boyfriend?.
well let me tell you a lot that happened to me, you aren’t aware of. My Girlfriend, Sandra, had an Accident, and was confined to the hospital bed for almost two weeks, I donated blood to save her.
Over the weekend, I was in the dance competition, which we won, Gloriously”
She stared at me in shock, came to the bed and sat on the bed by my side,
held my hands,
“you donated blood to save your Girlfriend?”
I didn’t reply, because I believed she heard me clearly earlier.

“Oh dear, youve been through a lot, am sorry for nagging. But I really envy Sandra” she said and laughed, I smiled.

“And you didn’t tell me you could dance,” she tapped my back and laughed again.

“When did you arrive?” I asked

Few hours ago.
“And why did you travel?” I asked

She looked away,
“Well, I needed money”

I laughed, “Amarachi isn’t that why we have banks?”

There’s something you’re not telling me.
“Yes” she replied, “but can we skip that”

“Okay if that’s what you want” I said as I tapped my palms on my laps.”

Amarachi later insisted we had $£x.
I refused.
She pushed me to the bed, and climbed on me.

“Amarachi, this isn’t right, I thought we talked about this?”

“Jeff I miss you she said” as she reached for my lips.
I sat up with she still sitting on laps,
“Amarachi don’t you think this is wrong?”
I truly didn’t want to have $£x with her because, she was beginning to demand for emotions, Care and attention.

She saw how serious I was,

“Okay this will be the last time, besides I also desire to have what Sandra has.
I won’t bother you after today”

She said, she extended a hand shake, to indicate it was going to be a deal.
I shook on it.

We had a long French Ki$$, then I turned her over, I gave it my best, at least it will be our last, I wanted to make it memorable.

I stood up, I brought a piece of cloth.
What are you going to do with that? she asked!
to cover your eyes I replied.

“No way! She replied”
“Trust me on this” I replied with a Grin.

I tied it over her eyes and around her head.
I unbuttoned her top, and unhooked her b.ra, I sucked on her big b°°bs.
She moaned, when I got to her ¢unt to give her Mouth action.

The thing about Blindfolding is, taking away one sense, heightens your other senses, her sense of Vision had been taken away.

I stood up again and Switched on Music.

She moaned without restraint, I kept on licking her ¢lits.
then later used my index finger and my middle finger to finger-fvck her.
She climaxed, Grabbing the sheets almost tearing them apart.
She sat up and gave me a B.lowjob in return. I really love B.lowjobs.

She laid on the bed with her back, and spread her legs.
I was thinking whether to use a ¢ondom or not, because I had no idea where she had been or who she had been with.
I took the risk of going in without protection.
I took my time, as I slid my d!ck in.
she gasped a little.
I began thrusting, her moans were still very Audible, even with the music.
I really banged Amarachi that day.
I decided to accompany her home, we walked out the door and saw Jennifer coming out of Ibro’s room, in casual wear.
“Hey Jennifer!” we greeted.

“Don’t tell me you boned her too” Amarachi asked as we walked.
I laughed.

“Nah, she’s my best friend’s girlfriend, I wouldn’t do that to him”
She kept quiet.
I accompanied her home, almost like I walked her home, she insisted we ki$$ed again, we did.

Few days into our exams, Linda called me.
“Hello who am I speaking with?” I asked.
“Its Linda!”
“Yes Linda, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about me” she said

“How can I forget you Linda” I said
she giggled.
“I called you to inform you, I’ll be coming for Post utme, and I plan to crash in your place”

I was really Surprised.
“But Linda, you never told me, you had intentions to study in my school.”
She laughed and said She wanted it to be a Surprise, and if it weren’t for the fact that she needed a place to stay and I was her last option, I wouldn’t have known.
“Alright, when is the post utme date?” I asked
“1st August” She replied.
I later ended the call with Linda.
I would be through with my exams about 28th, July which means I had to stay back and wait for her.
My relationship with all the girls, Including Grace, had thinned, because of the exams.
Because I switched off my Phone all through, I only powered it on, once in a while when I had to make a really Serious call.

On Friday evening, after I was through with the Exam for the day, the paper was so sweet, a funny thing happened during the exam,
“Extra sheet pls” I asked the invigilator.
“Extra sheet pls” I asked again, an hour later.
All eyes turned to me, there was a lady sitting by my side, she took a peep at my name, from my booklet.
“Jeffrey!” she whispered,
“Abeg help me out”

I glanced at what she had been doing, almost nothing
I laughed.
I could bet my @ss she didn’t prepare for the exams at all.
I positioned my paper, in a way she could see my answers with ease.
“Copy with Wisdom!” I whispered to her.
“Trust me” she replied
I got home, as it was a weekend, I decided to power on my phone.
I got a message from a weird Number.
The Person was asking me to meet him in a certain Address.
“Who could this be?” I thought.

I ignored the message.
Sandra also sent me a message, wishing me excellence in Exams, I called her she insisted she would come over.
She came, we spent some time and she left.
The thing I had with Sandra was, I had made up my mind not to request for $£x from her, directly or indirectly, In words or by actions and not to stop loving her because I wasn’t getting it.
If we were ever going to have S£x, it had to be initiated by her.
We were already two months into our relationship, and there was no hope anything was gonna happen.
And the Truth is, there is totally no fun in keeping more than one lady.
And I knew it, but I couldn’t help it.

On Monday, I had just one paper to write, which I finished by 12pm.
I got to the Building, looked like a Company or a firm, but it was really huge, with elevators.

I followed the description, my actions were fired by curiosity, I was probably walking to my death, or my kidnap was being planned, here I was walking into an unknown building.
I was about to go in, then on second thought I decided to take prudent measures.
I called Ibro, I told him where I was, and if he doesn’t see me through out that day, this is where he would find Me
I forwarded the message to him.

Then took the step of faith, I walked into the building, got to the office, I met a Secretary.
“Who are you?” she asked, her eyes still on the computer.

“Am Jeffrey…”” Jeffrey Ebenezer” I added.

“Madam has been expecting you” she said.
“Madam?” I asked
she didn’t reply.
Who could this “Madam” be?

The Secretary asked me to wait.
Saying “Madam” was in a meeting.
I sat for about 45 Minutes, I was even going through my phone
“You’re up!” the secretary said to me.
I walked into the office, Guess who I saw!
You wouldn’t believe it. Grace’s Mum.
I figured she probably wanted to scold me, about my Intimate encounter with her daughter, or to find out if I really loved her daughter and all that stuff.
“Good Afternoon ma” I Greeted.
She Smiled.
Sit down Jeff, she said.
I sat down, waiting for it.

She finished what it was she was doing, Grace’s mum wasn’t those type of Fat Mothers, like mine.
She was Fit, neither Fat nor Skinny.

“Come here Jeff” she said with the smile still on her face.
“I should come over to where you are?” I asked, a little bewildered
She nodded in affirmation.

I got to where she was,almost standing before her.
She pulled me by my belt, to where she was, and was trying to undo my belt, I held her hands and moved backward.
“Ma what are you trying to do?”
I was beginning to sweat already.

She smiled again.
“I want you Jeff!” she said.
“But am with your daughter”
“Oh please” she said, almost interrupting me
“You think you’re the only one she has brought home?”

“Well in case you don’t know, she spent the weekend with one of her boys” she said, this time, standing up.
I was just 23, but the $exual encounters I was experiencing were beginning to freak me out.

If I had any regret, for being with Grace, it wouldn’t be because, I wasn’t her only guy. but because I didn’t use protection.

“But what about your husband” I asked, still looking scared.
She laughed, she came, to where I was, grabbed me by my Collar, then forced a kiss on me.

“He’s dead” she said, after the kiss.
“Sleeping with a dead man’s wife, am not sure I want to be haunted” I said
She laughed, uncontrollably,

She looked at me and said
“I like you”
well, I still had that perplexed look on my face.
She bent unzipped my trouser, then undid my belt, she rolled down, my shorts and trouser at the same time.
My heart didn’t want this, but My d!ck, having no conscience, was ever ready. it was already as firm as a Spartan.