STORY: Jide!!!. Part 22



STORY: Jide!!!. Part 22


STORY: Jide!!!. Part 22

If you missed part Twenty One yesterday read it HERE!!!

Me: Baby, you didn’t even bother calling me all this while… Sho da be [Is that good]?
Shola: Ma binu now..[Don’t be angry], I’ve been too busy sorting myself out in school.. I’ve really missed a lot…
Me: Pele[Sorry], I understand. So what’s happening now?
Shola: Nothing really o. Just doing assignments, going to the hospital… Jide this thing is embarrassing… So embarrassing… I’m being ridiculed almost every day now. Especially my classmates, sometimes I regret my actions that I even want to cry… It’s tough
Me: Baby, I know.. Although I don’t know how you feel… One thing you should always remember is that those people weren’t there when we were making that baby… They were not there when daddy was banging mummy at the airport… They weren’t there when we were enjoying ourselves and my hot Pour was swimming to your womb… They weren’t there… It was just the two of us, and it is the two of us, and will remain just the two of us… So why worry baby?
Shola: Aww Baby… You’ve become so bad… saying all this things raw… I can’t wait for you…
Me: So are you okay now? My dear
Shola: Yes, I’m better… when are you coming home?
Me: When I’m done with exams.. that’s about two weeks from now…
Shola: Oh really… I’m waiting o..
Me: How’s the clinic…. Stressful?
Shola: It’s okay… I’m learning a lot though…
Me: How many months old is the baby?
Shola: Are you serious? You don’t even know? You’re a terrible person…
Me: Sorry, I’ve been putting too much books on my head that’s why…
Shola: 5 months…
Me: Okay… I’ve to go now… Talk later… Love you… Bye… **Call ends**

No matter how short I want those calls to be, they always stay for at least 15 minutes… I entered my room and met the boys playing game… So I joined them.. The queue… That was how we got talking….
Seun: That Nolly girl, you said her dad is very powerful?
Me: Yes, he’s the Attorney General…*the word was always sweet in my mouth as I said it*
Seun: We can use the man… you know?
Me: Use him for what? What do you mean?
Seun: I mean, we could get some crazy money from the man?
Tola: How?
Me: How?
Seun: We could blackmail him….
Me: How do you want to blackmail him? Are you nuts? Did you smoke?
Seun: No, we would just record you banging Nolly and then use it against him and collect ransom… After all, you don’t love Nolly…
Me: Are you mad? Tola see this bastard? Hear what is coming from his mouth? See this murderer… You’re even funny, you want to blackmail a whole Attorney General… of a foreign land where you aren’t a citizen… You’re daft!
Tola: Ehmm, Seun.. How much we dey look?
Seun: About 570,000 Rand… Tola
Tola: Omo… That’s like 10,000,000 Naira..
On hearing that, I just dropped the gamepad and walked out of the room…. I was very mad… The thing is they weren’t looking at the consequences. How could people be so daft? Apart from the fact that I wasn’t even interested… I could feel some threat already… Both to me and to Nolly….

As I walked out of the hostel, I could only pounder on what they were thinking exactly.. Even if you’re a bad nigga, or trying to form a bad nigga…. Not like blackmailing someone against their will. You’re joking with jail…. My mind was troubled… what if they come against me… or Molest Nolly and record it? Or they blackmail me… We naija guys we bad gan… All these thoughts caused me troubles but I was only able to reconcile myself with Nolly’s offer…. I went back to the hostel feeling refreshed…
Me: Una dey Bleep up…
Tola: Wetin we do? Abi dis one dey mad? **Stands up and drops the gamepad**
Seun: *Moves towards Tola* Guy calm down now…
Tola: hear wetin e dey talk now…
I was so ready to fight this clown and get him back to his senses.. Already they’ve pissed me off already…
Me: Na u dey mad… Your papa…
This escalated the issue… as always, in all Nigerian fights… anything involving parents would always escalate any issue….
He pushes Seun towards the locker as he approached me with a resounding slap on my face.. I was in no man’s land… I could feel my face boil… He carried me with my two legs and dragged me on the ground… I was almost losing the battle… Seun was trying to come between us and separate us, but he landed Seun with another blockbuster of a slap…. I used this opportunity to grab his thing… It grabbed it and squeezed it with the little strength I had… He threw my hand away and gave me another mad slap… This time, I could feel my lip bleed and my face red… It wasn’t funny… He left the room after… I could barely stand up to catch my breath… The fight had attracted members of other neighboring rooms.. I was helped to get a stand…. Seun and some guys helped me to get to the clinic… I didn’t come to the clinic with my phone, so I had to beg Seun to go help me get it…
He came back about 45minutes later… I called Nolly immediately.




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