CANCER… (True Life Story)… Part 11

As usual, we had woke up, had a prayer session dressed the wound and prepared my other two brothers for school. After dressing the wound, we usually load the opening onk the Bosom with cotton wool so has to soak up the blood. On this fateful day, the first cotton wool was soaked within 5minute, that was quiet unusual, we changed it and load another one, that one was dripping soaked within 3 minutes, the blood was gushing out from the Bosom like a running tap we did all we could to conceal the wound and stop the bleeding, we applied methylated spirit, we bandaged the cotton wool firmly to the opening but all was to no avail, I told Tos to quickly go get a taxi so we can take her to the hospital, while she was at it, Mama fainted……………………………….. ****************************************** Having lost so much blood, it was kinda expected for me, so I didn’t panic, just poured water on her body, placed a spoon in between her teeth with palm oil in it, after a while she open her eyes but couldn’t speak, quickly we go to the hospital, and she was placed on drip immediately. Dad rushed down and the doctor told him to make sure mastectomy is done quickly on her, cos very soon it won’t be possible anymore. She was at the hospital for one week and was discharged after the doctor certified her all right. Looking at her again she looked quiet better than when I arrived. Need to say at this point the family was dead broke, Dad told me, she had been having series of tests, scans and expensive medication. Dad said his health policy is now in deficit, he has to look for ways to balance up at the end of the year, hoping there will be no reason to bring her back to the hospital. ****************************************** Mama’s sister came visiting we usually call her mrs Id she was her sister on her father’s side, when she saw the state mama was , she cried and blamed everyone for not informing her of the sickness earlier. As a celestial, she went to her church, and she came back to tell us that it was an arrow from mama’s enemies in my mind I was like *arrow ko, bow ni. Can’t u people just keep shut if you don’t know what to say* I told mrs Id that she’s even better now, that if it was a month ago, she wouldn’t even stop crying. She said she will go to the mountain for 7days on her behalf, that she will be back to bring the message for her in 8days time. We thanked her and she left. ***************************************** Going to Lasuth was a hell, due to the financial implications, it was always one test or the other, the same test we did last week, we will be ask to repeat it again, and this test where not cheap, it seems has if the doctors were just playing on our intelligence, I tried speaking to them, but they wouldn’t listen, instead they blame me for not coming at the early stage of the sickness. I was lost, broke and confused. I was still in this state, when Abimbola became terribly sick, Abimbola was admitted and the doctor said he has…… The doctor said, he his down with typhoid, he also said he has Hernia. Me: hernia? Doc: yes, haven’t you noticed that his balls are swollen? Me: Jesus, what did we do to deserve all this, I couldn’t control my emotions anymore, I was just crying, here is mama terribly down, we couldn’t even tell her what was wrong with her son, here am I, school had resumed, don’t even have a dime to go back to school,God are we the only family on earth? The doctor said he will treat him for the typhoid then will tell us the necessary test to do before operation could be done on him for the hernia. Ambimbola was discharged,we took him to general hospital for another check and the doctor also confirmed he has hernia. Dad took him for prayers, we all fast and prayed, I also took him to a pastor, who did prayer for him. That was 6 years ago, no operation was done, God healed him in totality, the doctor confirmed that the hernia was gone, up till this moment, abimbola is still perfectly fine. Abimbola’s healing was rapid, so this gave us a renewed hope that God will also heal mama. So prayer where intensified, fasting became a norm (although there was no money to feed sha, so that helps). We were all hopeful. ***************************************** It was a new session, have been getting calls from school, ife helped me to check the pasted result and she said I had STA131……..A MAT101….. A Mat102…… B STA121….. B CSC101… C Wow I was excited, was eager to return back to school. Acme called me to ask me when I will be coming Acme: baba how far Me: I dey oooo Acme: how parole na Me: we dey push am Acme: when u dey land Me: baba I never know ooo, u know say malee they sick and money no dey ground Acme: heya, just try gather school fees dey come, we go rough tins na Me: how much is it sef Acme: I hear say faculty of science na 6300 Me: henhen. No wahala den Acme: shey you hear say them don pursue Abbey for school sha Me: what? Wetin he do? Acme: the guy no meet 1.5 ooo Me: how come? Acme: as I hear gaan, the guy no reach 1.0 them for patch am put Me: heya, where Abbey con dey now Acme: he still dey find way maybe he go fit enter anywhere, even education Me: God will help him.