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Story: Adventures Of A Stingy S£x Addicts… Episode 4


Story: Adventures Of A Stingy S£x Addicts… Episode 4

Adventures Of A Stingy S£x Addicts… Episode 4

Emi funrara mi ( me myself ). I was already thinking of what gimmick i will use on her to make her go without giving her a dime.
I got to the ATM machine and i inserted my card, in no time i had finished with all nessecities, pin, amount blah blah blah…. ” if i give ds one 6k now, wetin i go chop ” i thought to my self as the machine keep flashing ‘please wait’…. After some seconds it wrote ”issuer or bank inoperative”. Ha!, i kumma dont want to give her anything before. I ejected my card and dashed away from there straight to my house.

” Success, the ATM no gree bring money ooo” i said.
“have you tried other banks ? Because you came back too early” she replied..

I couldnt say a word and was trying to search for a valid lie..

” i tried but people were just too many”. I finially replied.
“Ok, give me the card, i will go and queue, or transfer the cash to my accout, i will go and queue” she answered
” see, success or what is your name, i will send it to you tomorrow, go i will go and do a fund transfer tomorrow inside the bank” i said in an impatient mood.

” i trust you, your carpenter no go wan use teeth remove nail” she said this while moving near me and held the buckle of my pants.

” wetin make fowl dey Shtt, i go show you today” Before i knew it… She was already shouting on top of her voice.
It was as if i was dreaming, Success, is this not the Success i met at Ojuelegba while i was trying to get some cylinder

valves and regulator?
No it cant be…. You cant believe i met Success at Jibowu bus stop when i was on a queue to board a BRT down to Ojota.
I was on a queue and i

there were about 4 people in front of me to get to the

ticket vendor. I realised, the lanky ticketer got into an argument with a fat lady, the first rhing i realised on the

lady was her big yansh and number 8 shape, i was late already and needed no more delay at this bus stop. I left the

queue and moved closer to them only to know what is causing the scuffle.
” ki lo sele now ( what is happening here)” i asked
“Bros no worry, i will teach her some sense, no be everybody you go just dey talk to anyhow, do you kmow who i am?” The ticketer answered.
” your father well well, who you be, tell me who u be”? This lady barked back.
“I beg, wetin happen, make we comot for here now” i said in a begging tone.
” guy, see this lady dey tell me say she wan collect 20naira change and i tell am say no change, na hin make her dey abuse my papa join my ancesstors oo”
chai! Lagos with wahala, ” so na because of 20 naira, na hin go make person shhit for body here ba? I asked
” okaym aunty, collect your 100 naira back, i go pay, i beg”

fast forwarded… We are together in thesame BRT….

Yes, that fat lady and i.
“im Biodun, see i will te’l you why you should’nt fight those riff raffs again oo, most of them get jazz, i tell u, seei wish i can tell you how a friend of mine got stabbed by one of this uniformed agbero once, but umfortunately im very close to my bus stop, let me have your contact, we’ll pick it up from there” i said.
That was how i met Success and we talked it through til she visited last Friday.
All this flashed inside

my brain while i was still locked at the trousers, close to my blokkuss.

“you see, people are knocking my door already, what is all this nonsense now”?

I barked at her in a scaring tone.
“You ke you never see anything” she said.
Already, someone was knocking at my door, im sure it was Osas.

I asked Success to allow me make a mobile transfer and she obliged.
I transfered 3 thousand into her account and promised to do anorher 5k the following day. I wasnt expecting her to

accept but she did.
I opened my door and met no one oustside.
“imagine, if this winch girl wan kill me too, no one go rescue me ” i thought withing myself as i moved inside the corrider.
I took my phone and tried checking my whatsapp messsges. The first thing i saw was Bunmi’s message. I opened and the message took a little while to load, it was a picture. After some seconds, it has opened and i was already staring at a very nice looking pussay, at that moment, i was certain it would actually smell nice….. My dickk stood up immediately.

Haba! How can i be staring at an untouched new signing pussay and still remain thesame. Bunmi, wont kill me… She is a crazy girl that love talking dirty on phone, she will only talk about how she wants to Fork me or how she just twerked for a man at one club nd the man cummmed all over her body.
“see, u cant eat your cake and have it, i will never visit you again” i never noticed that stupid “matter ” was behind me, she was set to go, she walked pass me with her bag. Shaking one nonsense bootty at my face. What really got me angry at that moment was how i started having feelings to hold her yansh again. Chai! That devil is a liar.
I Couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw little hairy part Bummi’s pussay starting at me from my phone. She left that part just like a moustache, it was neatly shaved and im sure it would eatable. I later saw ‘typing……’ and gbam, the message came, ” when can i come ? ”
Ha, thank God this foolish girl is gone, with that useless buttom shacking by force.
The next call i recieved distracted my reasoning, a strange number.

“Abey, na my number be that oo” That was Niyi… Remember my childhood friend.
” i go enter lag tomorrow, make we sit down together now” he spoke with some excitment. “sure, hope u brought me yankee chocolate sha? ” i said.


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