Story: Adventures Of A Stingy S£x Addicts… Episode 17

Quick digression, guys why is it that we always feel bad whenever we ej@culated pre-maturely? Is the fun of S£x not only when we shoot our fluid?Well, i felt so bad and i dont even know what next to do again. I bacame shy and my prick was already deflated like a punctured tyre. Bunmi who knew how i may be feeling stroked my thing severally but that one just remained like that.

I left angrilly into the room, got myself cleaned up and started playing my candy crush again.

Bunmi came in after she was through with her bath and was still Unclad, i saw her freshly shaved pussay again and got amused by it. i remembered the day i met her at Jebba, kwara and Niger state border. My truck was stucked in a hefty traffic jam and im no more in mood of staying with the drivers. I got down and started treking. I was starving, i needed food. What better food could you have eaten along that road than tea, bread and fried egg, better still maybe a half done indomie, Mtchew!

I had barely walked a few kilometres when i saw this ‘ mai shai’ selling indomie and tea. I stopped and ordered for a hot tea and bread. I was still waiting for my turn when these two ladies walked pass me. I dont have passion for fat ladies nor fair ones. Bunmi wasn’t fat but fairer and her friend was bulky but chocolate colour. I can manage that of been fair, but fat, hmmmm i will pass.

I left the table where i was sitting while i ran after the two duo, i managed to stop them. I excused the petite one. She answered but the other lady wasnt cool with it, she kept hissing.

” hottest babe in the world”

i said as she gave me attention. She smiled and i knew this is already a done deal.

” i know you guys are up to something, and im not ready to delay you”

“Your friend is even jealous, but who cares, you are more of an angel than she is” i said making my voice as low as possible.

” may i have your number, so as not to delay you” it was as if i jarzed her, she called her num and i typed.

Bunmi stood for some minutes and came to me on the bed. She asked if we could go out together and get some drugs. I obliged and we went out to a nearby medicine store.

All i had in my mind was probably she was buying some drugs that won’t make her pregnant. She turned to ,e and asked me to give her 200naira.

I have at least 800 naira in my pocket, but i told her i didnt bring along my wallet. She later paid and we left. On getting home, she handed a pill to me. I was still dumbfounded and surprised on why she would give me a pill. Something i hates with passion.

” you should have taken trams before fuckking me ” That was when i knew what she had gone to buy at the chemist was a Tramadol.
I never knew tramadol works for S£x enhancement. I was so surprised and wasnt ready to take such thing. She gave this look that shows she was angry and i got scared she might just leave like Bisi left too. I took the pill and swallowed it.

We sat together inside the room and had started discussing.
” how did you know that your male friend you are with for so long”
” im the one that mentioned a male to you” she answered.
” well i only guessed”
she smiled and answered ” he is my old friend from primary school, and he is my Boyfriend too”. I heard this and decided no more question relating to that again.

It was barely 30minutes and i had started feeling dizzy.

I told her how i was feeling and she told me to drink some cold water and i did.

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I was still banging her hard wlohen i heard a knock on my door. The door banged again and i yet i couldn’t answer nor say anything until the door flew open.

The person I saw at my door mouth shocked me.

Drabeey wrote this.