Story: Adventures Of A Stingy S£x Addicts… Episode 14

She also sent a code. She said that is the confirmation code i’ll use at the reception to get a key to the room.

I kept wondering immediately i entered the room, how come this lady could afford such a luxurious hotel. The foam on the bed was so succulent and just so comfortable. The pillow had this fur that made me thought my head was on a sheep’s stomach.
I had just started searching for a suitable station before i heard a knock at the door..

Who could it have been rather

than Jane.

I opened the door and guess who i saw…. Nathan. Remember? The Ghanian guy.
Nathan came in with his massive chest. I was still suprised and was about asking him was before she and her sister walked in.
Nathan was holding a bottle of voldka, little surprise why Jane and her sister were acting a little bit strange. They were tipsy.
Jane rushed on me and gave a kiss that threw both of us down the sofa, and yes all her breath was full of alchohol.
” Neyio, wanna tell ya something” she dragged me toward the balcony. She dipped her hands into my pockets and stuffed some paper notes in there. Those papers were squeezed. ” Get some new cloths ” She whispered into my ears.

What nonsense, was she trying to insult me? If my cloths aint befitting enough, she could have just walk into a store and get me new ones.

I checked my pocket and brought out the ‘stupid’ papers… They are 10$ cummulation of 500$. See money! I tried to contain my excitement. Jane had already moved back in after she stuffed the money into my pockets.

I went back in to land some kiss on her lips and what i saw got me shocked.
Nathan was trying to sniff some white substance into his nose… Still shocked i looked at Jane’s sister face and she also have this white dots on her nose. I tried looking for Jane and realised she had gone into the Bathroom. I was weak and dropped on the sofa… That was when Nathan invited me to party along.

“you care” pointing some white substance i belived was cocaine to me.

” hmmn, no just pass me the drink” i finally said while still very afraid.

He gave me the bottle and i gulped some content. It was so hot, my throats got entagled as if its gonna tear. I dropped the bottle to get some relief.
I was just about telling Nathan how i feel before i realised he was deep in romance with her girlfriend. She was half unclad. Her red Tip was well placed and fitted on her Bosom.

I wonder why it was her Bosom

my eyes caught on first. White girls sha, always trying to be on thr man. It was as if i was watching a Blue film.. They both were all over eachother like bees. Jane came out and the sound of the door put me out of the live Adult movie i was watching. To my surprise, Jane wasnt wearing anything as she came out of the bath fully Unclad. That was when i realised what was going on.
How could she come like that, knowing fully well Nathan was also in the room. Couldn’t Nathan and Jane’s sister be a little decent and not try fuvking each other in my presence. I was thinking about all this before i realised Janes was all over me.

I immediately got aroused, i wouldnt know why, praobably it was the drink i took. I had earlier wanted to move out but i think i kept enjoying all that was happening. Jane had already started singing with my flute. She was sucking my diick while i was watching Nathan and his pathner fucvk the hell out of each other. Jane’s sister was good, she was at then giving Nathan so,e cowgirl’s position.
I held Jane by the head to avoid her chocking from my long pistol.

I was also ready for action, i pulled her up and landed my head in between her legs…. I could see the surprise in her face, but she couldnt say anything as she was enjoying the whole mouthing. It was barely up to 3 minutes after i had started washing her plates with mu mouth when i suddenly got bath with splashes of water. ‘ wa d’ fuk’ she just squirted all over me. She kept shaking and held my head tight in there. I stood up immediately dragged her to me and turned her back to my dickkk side all violently. I gave her a spank on her down cheeks and she screamed a little. I inserted my already strong dicck into her pussay and she moaned softly. We digged each other for a long time and all i could feel was all more energy. I released my fliud into her and i realised she was already so tired. I dropped on the bed as soon as i ‘came’ . We are both exhausted.

I woke up a little bit crampy and realised the whole room was dark. I felt my body touching another soft one. The switch of the bulb was just by thr side of the bed and close to where i was. I switched it on and saw a totally different person on the bed. It was Jane’s sister. Immediately my brain flashed back and i realised i had fuckked this same person twice. Still surprised i looked around and saw Nathan and Jane still banging each other”.
” guy, you banged the sister too.” ? I asked.
” see you, but wetin my eyes see ehn… Guy no be small oo , those girls na devil dem two be ” Neyo said.

” wait oo, what about that your girl wey get accident

that day” Neyo asked..
” ha, she said she is now in Lagos ooo, but i yet to see her ”
Neyo and i agreed to start going as i will still be going to work.

I got home, couldnt sleep again as it was already morning. I dressed up and off to work.

I have this lady that always eye me at work. She is always all over me, i will tell you about her later.
I got back home that day, very weak and tired, when i recieved Bunmi’s call that she is around, Ikeja. I gave her a full descript