SEE Side Chick Answer To Wife’s Phone call That Got A lot Of People Talking (Photos)

A video had gone viral and have been trending on social media which have left many Nigerians in shock after a presumed side chick was captured answering a call from  her married lover’s wife. The manner in which the fierce side chic answered the call while she talked to the main wife has gotten a lot of people talking.

The daring side chic picked up the call  with an audacious boldness and said; Watch the daring video below;

”I should stay away from your husband? Why will I do that? He gives me money, he gives me food, gives me everything. Why will I do that? Is it your money, ah my sister, it’s two different titles, he’s your husband and he’s my boyfriend, two different things. Just do your work, wash for him, cook for him, clean for him, then I do the rest. It’s not my fault you are boring, you do missionary everyday

My sister I don’t wanna argue with you, you are my sister. There is no enough men in the world, and the rest are turning gays so I don’t wanna argue with you, kisses.” See reactions from online users below;

This particular video have sparked something of a mixed reactions. According to the blogger, thefamousblog, Many asked if it was appropriate for a wife to call her husband’s side chick, confronting her on the phone.

They insisted that via reactions that she should have  confronted her philandering husband than the side chic.  Although, many condemn out rightly the attitude of the side chic to the wife for speaking to her in the way she did.

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