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Only One Crew would be leaving with the Prize, others leave with nothing.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the Winner of this year’s Dance Competition is…”
he paused, the Coordinator, he stared at the Audience and at the Crews, because his Next Statement had the Power to Change A lot.


I Jumped, In excitement, that was the Happiest day of my entire life, The crowd Cheered and Clapped.
I wiped the tears of Joy off my face.

Some of The other crews were crying too, but theirs was tears of pain.

that’s the reason why I didn’t like the Competition that came along with Dance.
All the crews practiced really hard, putting in time, money, effort. But only one gets rewarded.

Rita, came to where I was, hugged me and kissed me.
We were all too excited, jumping around and hugging each other, I didn’t have the time to give the kiss a thought.

We all shook hands with members of other Crews.
We were Given a Cheque of N600,000.That was the Prize.

We later planned to go Celebrate in Capon’s Crib.
We all walked out of the theatre.

3 Girls Approached us.

“Hi Jeff, am Grace”
She slipped a Paper into my Coat.
And left, Rita glanced at me, in a way saying “If you dare call her”

“Before this day, I use to live a simple Enigmatic life, but things are about to change, obviously”

I kept getting “Hi Jeff!” from all around.
With the Shy ones, confining to only Staring at us as we walked.

We arrived at Capon’s Place by 5P.m.

He left, got a crate of drinks, we drank, i went out of my way to drink Alcohol.
I was carefree, so I got drunk.

I woke up on my bed, in my room, Unaware of how I even got home.

I woke up really Tired, It was a Sunday Morning, I was still lying on my bed, contemplating whether to go to Church or let it slide.

“You’re Awake, Sleepy eyes!” Rita came out of kitchen.

I was Startled, all this while I thought I was alone,
“How did I end up here? and did you spend the night here?

” You were Dead drunk yesterday, Gabriel and I Brought you here, Gabriel left, but I chose to stay behind”
I smiled.
“Thanks honey!”

“Don’t honey me oh!”, you kept talking about Sandra while you were drunk, your real honey is in the hospital”

I laughed, “Don’t get all emotional on me, besides you don’t even look like the Lovy-dovy type”

“Really?” she asked, while she leaned on the door with her right shoulder.

“I use to be in love” she said and paused.
“Probably expecting me to ask
” What happened?” but I didn’t.

“Why did you kiss me yesterday?” I asked with a Grin.
“I didn’t kiss you” she said as she laughed.

She had Prepared breakfast, so we ate, I took my bath and Accompanied her, I came back to my room, sat down on my bed.
I later heard a Knock on the door,
“Yes come in”
it was Jennifer, Ibro’s Girlfriend. Ibro was out.
“Hi Jeff, where is your friend?”

“I don’t know, I just woke up now, but you can wait for him, he couldn’t have possibly gone far” She obliged, came in and sat on the bed.

“I didn’t know you could dance” she said
I smiled,
“You’re really beautiful, I said, without looking at her” I said it with a Clear Conscience.

I was wearing just my Shorts with a Singlet

She kept Quiet for about a Minute, then placed her hand on my D!ck.
Take Away Morality,and Decency from a Man, you’ll have a Lawless man.
I Sprang up immediately she did that.

“What was that for?” I asked Bewildered.

“Its nothing Jeff” she replied.

“Or are you a Virgin?” She asked

I knew if I have acted like it wasn’t a Big deal, We would have been in for $ex. I couldn’t do that to Ibro, I wouldn’t be able to live with it.

I had lots of Girls and Admirers and Ibro’s Girlfriend shouldn’t be one of them.
I mean, she was Clearly a Loose Girl!
but betraying my best friend didnt even cross my mind.No, Never!
Bros Over Hoes !!!!

“Ibro is really not a lucky Guy in situations related to love, now he’s thinking he’s found love”

She later left, I accompanied her out, as Ibro didn’t show up.

The following day I Skipped school and went to meet Sandra, I met her Parents, we Greeted, they were really happy to see me, Sandra wasn’t lying on the bed this time around, she sat up and was being Fed by her Mum.

Her Parents later excused themselves, probably to give Sandra and I Privacy.
“Hey Angel, How are you feeling now?” I asked, soon as her parents locked the door behind them.”

“Am better, just the pains from my side, she replied.”
“You’ll soon be alright my dear”

“Give me a kiss, come on”
“She leaned forward, we kissed”

“That’s a Kiss of Love, and that type of kiss, heals all wound” I said

She laughed, and said
“Well am not healed”

“Because you didn’t believe it” i replied
She really looked pretty, especially when she laughed.

“Babe, you didn’t ask me about the Competition” I said.

She laughed again, “that’s because I was there!” she replied

“You’re kidding me right? What do you mean by you were there?”

“I was there” she said again.

“My parents took me there!”.

my eyes widened in Surprise, you mean, you were there?

” Yes”
“Why didn’t you meet me then?”

“you were Jubilating with your friends and I didn’t want to ruin it” she said

“What do you mean by ruining it”

“You got it wrong my dear, you would have even made my moment to a Great Extent”

“She stared at me”

“Thanks Sweety, for going through that stress to Watch me Perform”

“I thought you wouldn’t say that” she said as she laughed.
“So what do you think of my Dance”

“It was Incredible” she replied.

Soon we were Kissing again.

*Sandra may have witnessed the moment when Rita Kissed me, that’s probably why she chose not to meet me at the Theatre. I figured*

I later left the Hospital, headed home around 2 p.m

I hadn’t even glanced at the Paper that was dropped in pocket by the lady I met at the Theatre.

I checked my coat,i saw two Complimentary cards, one for the Company man, and the other for the lady. i decided i would give the company man a call the following day.
I picked the one belonging to the lady.
it reads
“Grace, Call me 070…..”
I dialled her number.

“Hello Grace”

“Hi, Jeff am Glad you Called, I thought you wouldn’t”
“Can you come over to my house?”

“Your house?” i asked
“Yeah, my house, I’ll text you the address”
“O—-kay” i replied, stretching it a bit

I dressed up in a blue jeans and white t-shirt and Sneakers.

I Stood in front of a huge Mansion which happened to be Grace’s house.
I was Staring at the message she sent, and comparing it with the Inscription on the Gate.
It was really her house, she had to be living with her parents.

I met the Gateman, who had been watching me.
“Hello Sir, i have an Appointment with Grace”

“Grace?” he asked
“Okay i dey come” he said.

He went in, came back 2 minutes later, and asked me in.
This house was a Paradise, damn!

I met Grace, she gave me a hug like i was her old lover, when i barely knew her.
“Mum this is Jeff, the guy i told you about”
“Hello dear” her Mum said.
she Stretched a hand, instead of shaking it, i held it softly and kissed it.

They both laughed when i did that.

Grace later led me to her room, I sat on a Cushion in the room,
She got me a drink, She dropped it in front of me,
and made a move to kiss me, we kissed.
i paused and asked her
“Grace, what are you doing? we barely know each other”