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We were unclad… she went to lock the door properly as we slept and cuddled unclad… She woke me up and asked we head for school… I went to the bath, got dressed… I picked up my phone, *no notification*… Nolly came back to the room with some spices… As we went out, I met her elder sister on the way… I greeted her goodbye and she was surprised I was leaving already… We got to the sitting room, met her younger sister, I also greeted that one… Although she was nagging… We got outside, Nolly threw the car keys to me… hmm… I got into the driver’s sit, sat down like a king… she came by to the passenger seat… I started the vehicle… The sound from the engine sent me shivers… I was a little bit nervous, as one of the guards helped me navigate my reverse, and in no time, we were out of the compound.. I was a little bit baffled nobody could even come outside and wish us goodbye…What a family, I thought..! As we got out of the compound, I asked the question that had been bordering my mind for the last 3 hours…
Me: Nolly, what about your mum?
Nolly: Hehe, that’s true… I forgot…
Me: Yea, I bet you did… So what about her…
Nolly: She lives in Pretoria…
Me: Work?
Nolly: **Her face became a saddened one** No… She lives alone..
Me: **Acting like a complete novice** Why is she living alone?
Nolly: They’re divorced.. **She shouted back at me**
I quickly brought her head closer to my shoulder with my right hand and told her it was okay… I told her those things happen… She responded by nodding her head…

Nolly: I don’t want to ever experience a divorce Jide… not even a break up! I mean, what’s the point of getting into a relationship that’s not going to last….
Hmm, but I can’t marry Nolly… tah..
1. I’m a father to be..
2. I love Shola
3. Nolly is South-African… My parents may not even obliged…
Apart from all that, I don’t have any issues with Nolly.. She’s got all the qualities every guy craves for in a lady. Above all, she’s by far prettier than Shola… As we drove, she told me to stop by at the pharmacy… We stopped, she got down, I went to park… I got down to go meet her inside… I just came from her back and wrapped my hands round her… ***who won’t fall for that***? I kissed her right in front of the attendant… I asked her what she wanted to get… She was actually replenishing her contraceptives… “Way to go girl”.. I told her.. “If only Shola was wise and use protection.. But No!” I thought… We left the pharmacy and went back to the car… We drove off back to school, it was getting dark already.. We got to Nolly’s hostel, she told me to drop her and I was in charge of the vehicle… I got back to the hostel in haste as I sped like a mad man…. I rushed into my room to call my guys out and checkout the ride… We all got to the place in 1 minute.. On seeing the car, they pondered like idiots…
Tola: So who owns the ride?
Me: What? When you wan even get sense? So I no fit own am?
Tola: Guy answer us
Seun: Who borrow you car? Or you go rent cam carry babe?
Me: Fools… una don underrate your guy.. Nice one… Anyway, na Nolly car.
Tola: Omo… na so she get money reach…
Me: No so me sef see am o. Boys, make we go dress up commot school abeg…
We went back to our room, dressed up … I wore an all-black shirt and jean… We left the hostel, went for the car… I started the engine, as usual, it made me feel so much like a boss.

As I was leaving, I pondered on whether to call Nolly or not…. I felt it wasn’t necessary.. We left the school and headed for the club… we weren’t out for a particular purpose… Only to flex with the car… As we entered the club, we went for our seats, but it was filled up already by some dudes… We had to hang around till they stood up… While hanging around…. I saw Nolly’s elder sister…. At first I wondered if she was the one or not, so I had to move closer, and almost entered her before I asked..
Me: Rose?
Rose: ***Looks towards me*** Umm, Jide… right?
Me: Yea, it’s me… How are you? What you doing here? In this club?
Rose: I’m okay… or not to okay….**As she takes another glass of the wine she was holding** What are you doing here also? Where’s my sister?
Me: Nolly’s in school… I came to get something’s outside and to drop my friends here..
Rose: Oh I see….
Me: Why are you drinking this heavy? Are you okay?
Rose: I’m okay… I’m just lonely….
I didn’t know what to do, I felt I should just leave her there and continue with my own business, but this girl wasn’t at all okay… So I told the boys I would be going to the hotel to drop Nolly’s sister off. I took Rose by her hand, dragged her to the car as we went for the hotel. We got to the hotel, I took her again and we got to the reception… I requested for a single room… I took her to the room, laid her on the bed… I thought of staying with her, but No! She was going to wake up at least and find her way… I thought.. I went for the other idea… So I wrote a short note containing who brought her and my number…. I locked the door, told the receptionist of the whole situation, before they come and charge me for murder…. I went back to the club ordered for some more drinks…
Slowly, my trouble was coming closer!