Things are really happening in the part of the world.We haven’t be able to solve the issue of coronavirus, some people are still engaging in some other activities that can easily leads them to their early grave or even to prison.

Relationship is suppose to be about love, care, attention and respect but sometimes how we do take relationship usually make one to confuse if really people understand what they are actually doing.

Both the male and female In a relationship suppose to understand each other and trust one another, if you don’t trust who you are dating it’s better you leave him or her before you commit an offence that you may regret for life.

Today there was a trending video on Instagram where a man was seen beating up his girlfriend because the lady told him that he was the one responsible for her pregnancy.

Immediately this generate a hot argument and the man started beating the lady.

Several people on social media has condemned this barbaric act and even call for the arrest of the man.

Do you think the man was right beating the lady? If you girlfriend brings a pregnancy that you think it’s not yours what will you do? Honest answer is needed here.

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