Ladies Who Took NYSC Dress Code To The next Level (See Photos)


Ladies, who took the NYSC dress code to the next level…..No be small thing.

Why will NYSC allow this.

Those clamoring for skirts didn’t know what our girls will turn it into.

How do you expect ladies to mount a wall or tree like this while guys below will be getting distracted by what she is wearing.

Or the lady herself pulling the skirt up to be able to mount or climb or jump a hurdle.

Would it be proper?

I think the purpose of the trouser is to look smart and to be free during those rigorous NYSC activities.

Do you it will be easier to escape danger like rape, armed robbery with the type of cloth like this?

NO, They can’t.

Lady will be easily molested with this type of wear.

This are indecent wears,

Decent dressing must start from the home, the parents should try to live by an example and correct their children when need be.

Guys what do you see to this, what are this girls turning it into.

Parent can you allow your children to were this all in the name of fashion.


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