In The Dark- A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival(SLBL)… Part 25



In The Dark- A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival(SLBL)… Part 25

I was about to sleep that day when Jordan called. I rejected his call severally and he ended up sending a text “Swidy,am so sorry for not coming to pick you up as promised. My car brooke down and i had a flat battery. Am sure you were able to sit for the exam. I know you are angry with me, i promise to make it up to you and always remember that i love you so dearly. (Jordan)” that was the message content. I was stil contemplating on trusting Jordan or not when he called again. I accepted his incoming call and i could hear him breathe a sigh of relief. He told me he was very worried when i did not accept his calls and he went on and on to apologizing for not keeping to his promise. I accepted Jordan’s apology and he made new promises, to be there for me and stand by me through thick and thin. I felt love again and was happy to have Jordan by my side in the absence of Kelvin and Khole. The week went on with me continuing my normal routine as an errand girl. It was not a good thing to do but i was beginning to get use to my duty. On sundays we do no open the supermarket, so it was a free day for me. On our way to church the following day, Lizzy told me the jamb result was out and she would check for mine when we come back from just. I went to church feeling anxious. I used all my strength to pray and dance in church,hoping for a good result. Immediately we came back from church, we met uncle mike and his wife in the living room, we greeted them and went to lizzy’s room. I told lizzy to check my result for me but she said her period just started and she was out of pad, so she needed to get herself a pack of always immediately. Lizzy went out to get the pad and i decided to make lunch for myself in a bid to keep myself bussy. I was about to go to the kitchen when i saw aunty Nike cooking, she looked at me and said ” have you checked your jamb result?Or you have failed thats why you have refuse to tell us?” I told her i was yet to check it and she said “I knew you will lie but am ready for you this afternoon, go and get me your sit number and examination center number, i have the scratch card with me” my heart skipped a bit and i was confused. Though i was anxious to know what my score was, i wanted to find out before anybody in the house inorder to prepare for the worst if i should fail. I prayed to have a high score with the whole of my heart as i went to get my sit and examination center number. I came back to the living room where my uncle and his wife were sitted. I gave aunty nike the requested numbers and she got bussy with her system. My heart was beating fast as she checked for my score. I knew it will be a thing of joy for her if i fail, so i prayed to put her to shame. I did not write well during examination but i was hoping a miracle will bail me out. “Yes! I knew it! I knew you would fail. Come and see with your eyes, your score is not even up to average. Useless, thats what you are! Come here and check your score!” aunty nike’s voice brought me back to reality, but i was hoping everything she was saying was a lie as i slowly moved towards her to see things for myself. I got to her and she pointed at the screen where my score was boldly written. Literature-42 Mathematics-45 English-45 Government-44 Total score=176 Immediately i saw my score my heart brooke into a million pieces, this was my last hope. How will i gain admission into the university without an average score? I asked myself as tears rushed out of my eyes. To make matter worse, i would have to continue to slave for my uncle’s wife for another year. As if the pain i was feeling because of my failure was not enough, my uncle stood up with full force and gave me a slap. My eyes went blur for a minute. I was not expecting the slap. Before i could come out of the shock of the first slap, he gave me a second one and i lost my balance. I fell on a couch close to me. Uncle mike did not stop at that, he continued to hit me all over as aunty nike sang him praise song for what he was doing. Lizzy was not home and their was nobody to save me. I was loosing my strength and if i should receive the beating without running for my life, i might end up loosing my dear life. ‘No, i cant die now! I must make it in life and write my success story someday!!’ i thought. I remembered my parents and the thought of making them proud someday as kelvin told me gave the the strength to escape. I pushed uncle mike with the whole of my strength and he landed on his bare Buttocks. I could not go back inside since it would warrant more beating, the only option was for me to run outside. I quickly unlocked the door and ran to the gate. I could hear aunty nike screaming my name and accusing me of killing her husband as i unlock the gate. I got out of the house and i ran as fast as my legs could carry me, far, far, far away from home.



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