Crisis strikes Labour Party; Treasurer requests N3.5 billion in accounting from Chairman

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The South-East zone’s governors have been cautioned by the Indigenous People of Biafra, or IPOB, not to consider setting up cattle ranches anywhere in the zone.

Additionally, the Biafra group issued a warning, stating that it will not let the creation of Fulani camps in the area operating as cattle ranches.

IPOB issued a warning in response to Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State’s intentions to build a cattle ranch at Nimbo in the Uzowani community of Enugu State, according to a statement from the group’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful.

“We, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, global family and movement, advise Governor Peter Mbah to halt his sellout plans to bring the murderous jihadist Fulani to Nimbo Community,” the statement read. Additionally, we are alerting governors in the South-East to avoid considering the establishment of cattle ranches in any of the region’s states. No state in the Biafra territory will permit the creation of Fulani camps under the guise of cattle ranches, according to IPOB and ESN agents.

“Our people should remember that in November of 2023, IPOB issued a news release alerting the public about Governor Peter Mbah’s intentions to transfer property in certain communities to Fulani bandits so they may form RUGA in exchange for political favors. The Enugu State Government has plotted out some communal land for sale to the Fulani, with the help of some local elders. Soon, the identities of the local authorities involved in this collusion will be disclosed.

“The people of Enugu State need to be aware of Dr. Peter Mbah’s plans to give their ancestral lands to the ruthless bandits in exchange for political benefits and payment.”

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IPOB emphasized that it is keeping an eye on the governor and his allies and that if Mbah is sincere about building a cattle ranch in Enugu State, it needs to be privately run by an Igbo businessman.

In all of Igbo territory, cattle ranches are exclusively owned by Ndigbo people. We do not want any cattle ranches in Alaigbo run by the deadly Fulani. Because he has to gain political clout, Governor Peter Mba shouldn’t let what happened at Ehamufu two years ago happen again.

“The governor needs to realize that IPOB is serious. Anywhere in the South East that we spot these deadly Fulani jihadist herdsmen, we have to drive them away. Fulani herdsmen had best go get their money back if they had paid Dr. Peter Mbah or any other traditional leader for any land in Enugu State.

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