Comedian AY says that Basketmouth will not say sorry for anything

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AY Makun and Basketmouth are in an argument. AY said that Basketmouth does not say sorry.

Remember that the two comedians have been arguing with each other for a few weeks. They both accuse each other of doing something wrong because they have had a disagreement for a long time.

AY talked to Chude Jideowo in an interview and explained more about his ongoing argument with Basketmouth.

He spoke.
I’ve known Bright Okpocha for a long time, and he’s never apologized to anyone before. But something recently happened that might change that.

“By the way, I shared the story of how I gave my wife a ride on Twitter two days ago. Then, people looked at his page and commented.”

Bright called me while I was in London and said that people were connecting something he posted to me. But he told me it had nothing to do with me, which made me happy. It was the first time he called me.

It was nice that he called because it hardly ever happens. He will never do something that bad. I was happy when the boss called me. I thought a phone call would make things better and even out the way I wanted them to be for us.

I went back to Nigeria and called someone who was having a show. I told him that we could work together on a funny idea for the show. He said he would think about it and we would figure out how to do it.

To put it simply, not too long ago, my boss walked by me at an event and now he only wants to work with me and people connected to me or him. If you’re not one of those people, don’t bother trying to join us unless you’re really talented and we really need you.

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