Cheating is not forgiven by men. Actor Seun Jimoh counsels against women confessing infidelity

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Seun Jimoh, a well-known Yoruba actor, has said that men will never forgive infidelity.

On Monday, the actor revealed this in a post on his Instagram page.

Jimoh cautioned ladies against telling their partner about their extramarital encounters or adultery.

The actor justified his advise by saying that since men don’t overlook infidelity, women should keep their transgressions hidden.

He wrote: “Dear female, I realize this may be a tough pill for men to swallow, but never, ever confess if you ever unintentionally cheat on your man! Tell no one but God about it.

“Men will never forgive you for cheating, and even if they do, they will hold it against you and use it as a form of punishment for the rest of your life.”

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