Last updated on April 17th, 2021 at 11:27 am

You wanted pepper, you got it spicy and hot! A lot happened after the Saturday Night party, which was a blast, and one of it was the moment Tacha spat fire, raging at Mike over an incident he had caused. She called him names like “Stupid @$$” and asked him to get out of her presence.

As usual, their fans had a lot to say on the fight as they tried to apportion blame to the parties involved. Here are some comments gathered:

“Mike should have apologized for messing her body with cake…. Haba you’all trying to make her look bad cos she doesn’t give second a chance to nonsense, if you are someone’s husband you behave as one biko.”

What happened? Well, Mike had unintentionally tripped her and accidentally stained her with cake on her hair and body, she got angry and said he (Mike) and all the boys in the house were drunk. Omashola trying to stop Tacha from saying they were all drunk got her more annoyed and she continued to rumble, throwing curse words all around. Needless to say, it was brutal.

Still pissed at the fact that Tacha insulted Mike, there are some people you don’t disrespect don’t you get it. Mike Edward that was already verified before BBNaija, even his wife is verified. Tacha your level is only high in your PH where you belong, give yourself sense.”

“Mike is a snake, he dare not step on Tacha’s toes cos he won’t like it.. Mike hates and like nominating Tacha, and same time pour ice on her hair… Mike got his doze and we are ready for u guys.”

“Dear Big Brother, I am writing this letter with pains in my heart. Please don’t forget to hand Tacha a strike tomorrow. Thanks. Yours faithfully.”

“Mike was just having fun, Tacha and you knew he was drunk. You overdid it bro. Wait till you come out and find out who exactly you dissed like this.”

“Tacha is a complete disgrace to the game. Pepper dem doesn’t mean insult and abuse dem. Relationship are wayyy important in this life than any amount of money. She’s just dumb to me. Biggie give her a strike, she’s fooling too much and it’s not even funny anymore.”