As hepatitis claimed 28 lives, the Nasarawa Assembly challenges the state government

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The state government has been urged to declare a state of emergency about hepatitis and other dangerous diseases by the Nasarawa State House of Assembly (NSHA).

This comes after a resolution made during Monday’s plenary in Lafia that was sponsored by Musa Abubakar Ibrahim (NNPP, Doma South).

Ibrahim bemoaned the high death rate in his district, citing the fact that, as of October 2023, 28 people had passed away from hepatitis.

He called on the government to act quickly to rectify the issue and enhance healthcare in rural areas with dilapidated facilities.

“Mr. Speaker and colleagues, we have a significant health issue in my constituency. Since October, hepatitis has claimed the lives of twenty-eight (28) people.

“My people are dying from hepatitis, and something has to be done to stop it.” I humbly request that the government take up this issue and form a capable committee to deal with it.

Ibrahim bemoaned, “Go to rural areas and see, our health facilities are in bad shape.”

The House voted in favor of the motion, requesting that the state Ministry of Health send experts to the impacted communities in order to evaluate the situation and take appropriate measures.

The State Government is instructed to proclaim a state of emergency regarding hepatitis and other deadly diseases by House Speaker Hon. Danladi Jatau. The proclamation is intended to stop the spread of the disease and enhance public health.

The Speaker also gave the Clerk of the House instructions to forward the resolutions to Governor Abdullahi Sule so that he can take the appropriate steps.

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Legislators Daniel Ogah Ogazi and others who supported the motion emphasized that the state’s administration should make it a top priority to eradicate hepatitis and other fatal illnesses, especially by guaranteeing treatment access.

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