An airplane had a problem while trying to land at an airport in Abuja. One of the tires burst into flames, causing the plane to crash-land

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Passengers were very scared when a Max Air plane had trouble landing and its tires caught on fire at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja on Sunday.But, the people who help put out fires at the airport quickly went to the fire.

Mike Ogirima, the past leader of the Nigerian Medical Association, told Daily Trust that a tire popped on the plane after it took off from Yola Airport.

The airplane landed in Abuja but had an accident. Emergency workers were there to put out a fire. The passengers got off the plane on the runway.

Ogirima spoke.
We are grateful to God. We are still in the plane and the pilot has told us everything is okay. He said to go down the stairs and we are now leaving the runway to go inside the airport building at the arrival area.

We thanked God because we saw the tyre come off the plane when we got to Yola airport, and we prayed afterwards.

“I didn’t tell people I was a surgeon so they wouldn’t get scared, but I’m thankful to God.”

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