Actor Timini says, “Dating Nigerian Girls Abroad Is Better Than at Home

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Actor Timini from Nigeria has revealed that he likes dating Nigerian women overseas to those in his native nation.

In the most recent episode of the Menisms Podcast, he offered this insight, pointing out that Nigerian women who date overseas often encounter a competitive dating atmosphere, which enhances their dating experiences.

According to him;

“I genuinely believe that you would have a better dating experience with a Nigerian girl who lives overseas than with a Nigerian girl who lives here, and I’m speaking from personal experience here.”

“My reasoning is that there aren’t many Nigerian girls in the dating pool when they’re living abroad, whether it’s in London, America, or Canada.”

“There are options because there are so many more ethnic groups, but I’m not sure if the typical guy is looking for a Nigerian hottie to date.”

“Therefore, if a Nigerian hottie from abroad catches you, you’re the real deal, and she’d be delighted to look after you.”

Many of my friends and many Nigerian girls are awful guys; I’m sure that if they were in Lagos, they would be on their phones, figuring out who they should go on dates with. However, they can be found on foreign dating services.

“You’re the prize when they find a Nigerian man who shares their values, can laugh at their jokes, and enjoys the same television shows.” But they have choices over here. even those who lack the most attractive appearance.

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