A lawyer explains that an anti-tinubu flight passenger is mentally ill

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Mr. Obiajulu Uja, an anti-Tinubu man, was found to be mentally ill after being ejected from a plane by airport security on Friday.

Barr, his lawyer. Before selecting a flight to Lagos from three airlines, Ejike Ugwu claimed that Obiajulu was mentally ill and had previously been ejected from a hotel in Abuja.

When Ugwu visited the suspect at the Airport Police Division, he claimed that the police had not yet provided medical care despite his condition.

Obiajulu was ejected from an Abuja hotel prior to boarding the flight because of his mental state, so he is not in the right frame of mind.

Even for the trip to Lagos, he reserved three different flights. He made reservations for Aero, Dana, and Ibam Air. He had three tickets for the same journey. Therefore, there is no question that he has a mental disability, Ugwu said.

The attorney claimed that all attempts to persuade the police to grant the anti-Tinubu suspect access to medical care had failed.

“As I speak to you, the DPO of the Police Division and the IPO in charge of the case are both missing. Additionally, as a result of the multiple beatings the suspect endured at the airport, his legs are now all swollen. He is currently in critical condition.

“All I’m asking is for him to be taken to the police clinic at the very least. I have tried to call the Force PRO as well, but he has not returned my calls,” he continued.

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