A 33-year-old woman supposedly sold her baby for 600,000 naira to pay off a bank loan

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Police in Ogun State arrested a woman named Olaide Adekunle, 33, who sold her 18-month-old baby for N600,000 to someone she hasn’t named.

Someone got arrested after someone else told the police that his wife and baby girl went to Lagos but only the wife came back. He said that they couldn’t find out what happened to the baby because the woman couldn’t explain where the baby went.

After getting a report, the leader of police in Sango, CSP Dahiru Saleh, sent some officers to find and arrest the woman mentioned in the report. She was caught quickly. The person being questioned admitted that they sold their baby to someone in Lagos for 600,000 naira.

She said she borrowed money from a bank, but couldn’t pay it back. The bank people were bothering her and threatening her. That’s why she did what she did. She ran to Lagos and began selling small packets of water because of this. She met a man while selling things, who told her about a lady who bought the child in Lagos.

The police caught someone and the person in charge said they should be taken to another department to find out more information and try to find the missing baby.

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