14 illicit refining sites are found in Rivers by JTF

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According to the Commander of the Joint Task Force, Rear Adm. John Okeke, Operation Delta Safe (OPDS), has discovered 14 locations in Rivers where crude oil is being illegally refined.

The unlawful refining station, which is situated on Ataba Island, adjacent to Bonny Island in Rivers, would be dismantled, according to Okeke, who took over as governor on Thursday.

The location was discovered, according to the OPDS commander who went, using intelligence data.

Despite the fact that no one has been arrested, he stated that the joint effort will prevent the Niger Delta from serving as a refuge for criminals.

“With the assistance of the Navy, Army, Air Force, Police, NSCDS, and DIA, among others, we are going to make it very hot for them.”

“With cooperation, we can accomplish great things in the battle against unlawful bunkering and pipeline damage. Nobody wins by themselves.

We are currently traveling toward Akwa Ibom from Ataba Island, which is near Bonny Island in Rivers State.

“What we found here is shocking; they must have left when the troops arrived. There are about 14 large cooking sites, and one of them is still hot.”

He said that the OPDS will maintain surveillance and eliminate regional economic saboteurs.

“We are carrying out the work that my predecessor started, and I want to thank God that we were able to accomplish this in less than a day; it proves that we are doing our part.”

He cautioned that individuals involved in pipeline destruction and illicit bunkering would never find peace and recommended local criminals to enter lawful companies.

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