Uncover Those Who Endeavored To Bribe You – Gov. Ikpeazu Tells INEC Returning Officer

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Senator Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State, has challenged the returning officer for the Walk 18 governorship decision within the State, Nnenna Oti, to title those who bullied and endeavored to bribe her amid the State’s results’ collation.

Agreeing to the senator, the returning officer betrayed his certainty within the Autonomous National Constituent Commission (INEC) through her activities amid and after the surveys.

Review the teacher, who is the Bad habit Chancellor of the Government College of Innovation, Owerri, (FUTO), Imo State, affirmed she was bullied, but denied to be scared some time recently and amid the collation of comes about in Umuahia.

Ikpeazu, who made the ask in a chat with writers in Umuahia on Friday, charged that Oti clearly came to execute a ‘hatchet job’ against the State’s People groups Law based Party, considering her articulations after the decision.

He also blamed the returning officer of taking an interest within the triumph move of the governorship candidate of the Work Party, Alex Otti, through her activities after the race in inconsistency of the anticipated lack of bias of INEC authorities.

Ikpeazu encouraged that he had communicated concerns almost Oti to the INEC specialists but was guaranteed that they have certainty in her.

Once more, he denied assembly or having contacts with the returning officer and blamed her of making as well much clamor out of nothing.

He said;
“I wish I knew those who bullied her. I think she has been making as well much commotion out of nothing. The returning officer’s obligation is basically to count comes about as of now collated from the wards through the nearby government and announce them. She can’t alter comes about since she has no right to do that unless she went ahead and did something like that.

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“But her reactions have deceived the reality that she was excessively energized almost something. After you come to that kind of position impartially, anything the result ought to not energize you. But the triumph move she taken an interest in and her explanations which are associated to confessions have sold out the truth that she came for a ax work. It might be to dismiss or acknowledge a few comes about.

“I need the world to know that she is celebrating what she has no right to do. I have never met her some time recently; I don’t have her phone number but I’m mindful that on the off chance that she came to do the correct thing, she has no right to alter anything. In truth, she has no right to indeed dismiss comes about since those comes about were created from the surveying units and wards. Her celebration is terrible and unbecoming of someone who was given that kind of duty at that level.”

On cash and vehicular blessings which have been given to the returning officer by a few profoundly set Abians, after the race,Ikpeazu said; “You know that bribe can come some time recently or after the occasion. In the event that I tell you on the off chance that you are doing this or in case this is often the outcome, typically what you will get, it is an actuation. It is additionally an motivation to act in a certain way. So, may this be a fulfillment of a guarantee that on the off chance that usually the result, this is what will happen. I think it is exceptional, I don’t know where this has happened in Nigeria before.”

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Ikpeazu encourage expelled affirmations that the collation of comes about was disturbed in Obingwa Nearby Government Region. He expressed that his examinations uncovered that there was a plot to cancel all comes about from Obingwa LGA, which was stood up to by young people of the region.

The governor charged that the refusal to collate comes about at the ward level and endeavor to move the collation middle to Umuahia irritated the adolescents of the range.

He said:
“I’m not mindful of the prisoner taking of any appointive officer in Obingwa LGA. I gone by the zone, but some time recently I got there, the Commissioner of Police in charge of decision in Abia South was there. Moreover, the Police Zone Commander for Aba was there. The DSS was there. And when these high-ranking officers of these organizations go to such places, they do so with a entourage of their men.

“In reality, there was an protected work force carrier kept an eye on by officers positioned at the neighborhood government base camp. There couldn’t have been a report of holding any race staff prisoner. There’s a constrain to what I can say since the matter is as of now at the race appeal tribunal.”

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