Tinubu, who will become the next President, shares his thoughts about the Adamawa Governor election dispute and sends a message to the Police

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The future president, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, wants the Police to check into the argument about who won the Adamawa Governorship election. He thinks the candidates who are unhappy should use fair ways to solve their problems.

Tinubu said something about the recent election in a statement that he wrote and signed himself on Wednesday.

He told the winners of the extra Governorship elections that happened on April 15, 2023 in Kebbi and Adamawa States that he was happy for them.

The additional voting has officially ended the 2023 elections. On Saturday, I was happy to see that the supplementary election was mostly peaceful. It shows that our people believe in democracy and trust the voting system.

I want the police to investigate what happened during the Adamawa election because there has been a lot of disagreement about it. When people vote in a democratic competition, someone will always come out as the winner. I ask people who are upset to use fair ways to deal with their problems.

The 2023 elections are done. If you got elected, please work hard to serve our people well. Let’s come together with me, the President-elect, to make Nigeria better, stronger, safer, richer and more successful.

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