The Taraba Governor-Elect’s Proclamation: “I Will Carry Out Everything I Said I’ll Do In My First 100 Days In Office.”

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elected governor of Taraba State, Lt. Col. Agbu Kefas, a retired officer. ), noted that “the era of promise and fail is over,” and on Saturday he said he would keep all the promises he made during the electioneering. “.

Although he claimed that his electoral victory was a result of the agreement he reached with the populace, he added that the people had placed their future and hope in him, and he would not take that responsibility lightly.

Kefas announced it in a statement that his spokesperson, Emmanuel Bello, provided to journalists in Abuja.

he said.
“Giving me this mandate is a serious matter, and I take seriously the social contract I have with the people. I’m not going to mess with their authority. We will complete them in our first 100 days in office. I swear to keep my word.

“The campaign made it easier than ever for me to pay attention to the aspirations of the public. I hold everything they said to be very sacred. I won’t let down their hopes, dreams, or aspirations. My actions and words as a leader bind me. Aside from that, let me say that I am a man of my words because of my conviction and faith. ”.

Kefas stated that exercising leadership is a responsibility that all people must share and that he looks forward to the public supporting the initiatives of his upcoming administration.

He emphasized that the main reason he was there was to provide the youth with a great deal of security, particularly in terms of employment, facilities, and reliable developments.

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“In keeping with the guiding principle of my leadership, moving forward, I intend to get started right away. No one will be left behind. All of them would be transported by us. “

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