The message from Buhari to those upset by the election results is to “wait patiently and allow our legal system to run its course.”

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Nigerians who are dissatisfied with the results of the country’s general elections in 2023 have been urged by President Muhammadu to wait patiently for the legal system to complete its work.

In his Easter Day message to the populace, he said this.

He stated:.
“I celebrate Easter with Christians in Nigeria and around the world. Easter marks the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, heralding his triumph over death.

“This time of year serves as a reminder that the Almighty has the power to permanently improve a bad situation.

“Recognizing that Easter is about rekindled hope and a glorious future, I implore all Nigerians to continue to have faith in our nation and to be optimistic about better times to come. “.

He praised Nigerians for having faith in the electoral process that resulted in the election of the nation’s new federal and state leaders.

He acknowledged angry Nigerians, though, and urged them to let the legal system deliver justice.

“While I extend my congratulations to the newly-elected, I recognize that anyone who is unhappy with the result is free to seek a change.

Buhari said, “I expect them to wait patiently and let our legal system take its course.

Since Nigerians gave him their first mandate in 2015 and then renewed it in 2019, he said, holding the office of president has been a rare privilege.

He claimed that the support of Nigerians allowed him to uphold his promises to keep the nation united, prosperous, and secure. He credited this support for his regime’s achievements in security, economy, infrastructure, new oil frontier basins, historic legal reforms, and food sufficiency, among other things.

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He urged everyone to celebrate the holiday with their families, neighbors, and communities while acting with love, compassion, kindness, forbearance, and resilience.

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