The INEC website shows that Peter Obi won in Rivers, not Tinubu. Read more for details

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Peter Obi, who ran for Labour Party, won the presidential election in Rivers State on February 25. This is in South-South Nigeria. The results were announced on the INEC Results Viewing Portal.

INEC was wrong, Mr. __ did not win. The votes show that Obi won the election in the Rivers region instead of Bola Tinubu from the APC.

INEC said that Mr Tinubu got 80,239 votes and Mr Obi got 3,829 votes in Obio/Akpor council area.

The newspaper said Atiku Abubakar from the PDP got 368 votes and Rabiu Kwankwaso from the New Nigeria Peoples Party got 161 votes.

Mr Tinubu won the election. Atiku was in second place and Mr Obi was in third place.

Premium Times looked at the results from different polling stations in Obio/Akpor LGA and compared them to the result announced by INEC. There was a big difference.

Methodology means the way you do something, or the process you follow to achieve a certain goal or outcome.

Mr Tinubu won in Obio/Akpor. This newspaper looked at how many votes the APC and LP got in that area.

The APC got 17,158 votes and the LP got 73,311 votes when we counted them.

Obio/Akpor Local Government Area has 1,211 places where people can vote in its 17 neighborhoods.

We only looked at the results of 1,116 voting stations on IReV until March 16th, which is approximately 94.13% of the council area’s results.

Some of the voting stations had blurry or unclear pictures, making it difficult to read the results.

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The results from around 95 polling stations, which are about 5.87% of the total, were not uploaded yet during the time being looked at.

Some places didn’t have any voting results. This was because either the voting system didn’t work, or people didn’t come to vote. This happened at Ake Hostel UNIPORT Polling Unit in Choba Ward.

This newspaper looked at the numbers from 1,116 places where people voted. They checked the results that were on the IReV during a certain time frame.

Other things that were discovered.
In a few voting places in Obio/Akpor, PREMIUM TIMES discovered that some scores were changed to help the APC win, and the actual scores were messed up.

In the Rumuorluoji Open Space II polling unit, Oro-Igwe Ward, the APC party got 17 votes. However, someone added a ‘2’ to make it look like they got 217 votes.

They recorded 227, but changed it to 027 by erasing and adding a zero in front.

On the part where the scores are written in words, it seems that they were changed to fit different numbers.

In Rumuokoro Ward, we saw that in 34 places where people voted, the results originally given to the LP party were deleted and replaced with the results for the APC party.

Premium Times counted the numbers as announced by INEC, even though some of the numbers were changed or messed up. This means that the numbers were counted exactly as they were written down, even if someone had changed them on purpose.

Sometimes, the results for the National Assembly election were put on the computer in the wrong place instead of the results for the presidential election.

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At the Civic Centre Hall Polling Unit in Rumuigbo Ward, they made a mistake by putting the House of Representatives election result instead of the presidential election result.

The findings from Degema.
Premium Times checked election results from Degema Local Government Area on IReV and found out that Mr. Tinubu won but with a little less score than what INEC had announced.

This newspaper couldn’t count the votes from some places in the council area because they were hard to read or not put on the internet yet during the time they were checking.

At first, Obi was in front.
Mr Obi was winning by more than 23,000 votes when INEC said who won the election in 21 out of 23 areas in the state.

A person called the LP candidate got 169,414 votes. Another person named Mr Tinubu got 148,979 votes.

Mr. Obi got the most votes from Port Harcourt City with 62,451. Atiku got 7,203 votes and Mr. Tinubu got 5,562 votes. Kwankwaso got 301 points.

We were still waiting for the results from two other areas called Obio/Akpor and Degema. The Governor of the state, Nyesom Wike, comes from Obio/Akpor.

The winner of the election in Rivers State was declared after Mr. Tinubu got 80,239 votes, which was more than Mr. Obi’s 3,829 votes, making him the winner.

Atiku got 368 votes in Obio/Akpor, and Mr Kwankwaso got 161 votes.

In a place called Degema Local Government Area, Mr Tinubu got 2,375 votes and Mr Obi got 2,212 votes. Atiku got 3,108 votes, but Mr Kwankwaso only got 44 votes.

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Mr. Tinubu got more votes than Mr. Obi in Rivers State. INEC says Mr. Tinubu got 231,591 votes while Mr. Obi got 175,071 votes.

Atiku got 88,468 points, but Mr Kwankwaso only got 1,322.

The person in charge of counting votes in the Rivers presidential election stopped because some people who liked a different political party made him scared for his safety.

Some people said that voters were being attacked and prevented from voting in the state.

This is about the things that came before something. It gives more information about what happened before the main thing.
Governor Wike, who is in a political group called PDP, led other governors in PDP to fight against the leaders of the group and their chosen person for president, Atiku. They disagreed about who from which region should be the next president after President Muhammadu Buhari.

The leader of Rivers lost in an election for the main person of a political party called PDP.

He backed Mr. Tinubu of APC in the presidential election because he believed the next Nigerian president should be from the south to balance things out since Mr. Buhari is from the north.

Mr Obi is also from the southern part of Nigeria, just like Mr Tinubu.

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