The INEC says they did not make a deal in the Adamawa election and they do not know where the suspended REC is

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INEC said it doesn’t know where the Adamawa State Resident Electoral Commissioner (Hudu Yunusa-Ari) who was suspended is.

Festus Okoye, who is in charge of educating voters for the electoral body, said the boss of a certain place was called to a meeting, but didn’t show up or answer the phone. Okoye said this on a TV show called Sunrise Daily.

He said the group in charge of elections can’t declare Yunusa-Ari wanted. The police are the ones who should do that if he’s running away.

Okoye mentioned that they sent a letter to the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Akali Baba, to look into the suspended REC’s behavior and possibly take legal action against them.

He said that INEC sent a letter to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, to inform President Muhammadu Buhari about the bad behavior of the REC and to consider removing him from his job.

The commissioner said that officials who went to help with the Adamawa State governorship election did not hurt the election. This happened on Thursday.

He said in Abuja that his officials did not do anything wrong, and they did not visit the state government house secretly at night, as some people said they did.

Information Nigeria said that Aishatu Dahiru (Binani), who wanted to be governor from the All Progressives Congress (APC) party, thought that the people who were supposed to make the election fair (called INEC officials) didn’t do their job right.

Binani said that the attempt to take control in Adamawa didn’t work because the people didn’t want it. Two people who were supposed to be supervising elections in Adamawa told REC to stop working even though they did not have the authority to do so. This was against the rules.

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Some important people from the government group called INEC went to visit a house in Adamawa at night. It’s strange because later they said they secretly took control of a task related to counting votes. The governor of Adamawa picked some people to help with this task too.

The group in charge of voting (INEC) said that claims about a person named Binani or anyone else cheating in the election are not true and people should not believe them.

Usually, the commission doesn’t argue with people who support one political party, especially if they don’t have proof.

Just to be clear, there was no visit or meeting, and nobody made a list of people who will collect or return information.

If we had met, we would have broken our promise to stay neutral.

Also, anyone who pays close attention would have realized that the group in charge of the election only chose one officer to count the votes for both the governorship and presidential elections.

The commission gave him a letter saying he could work as a returning officer. The person in charge of elections in Adamawa State was told about it.

The chairman of the commission gave the state a list of collation officers. Each page was signed by the chairman and sent before the national commissioners arrived.

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