The government is going to pay workers more money in April because of a change in how much they pay for fuel. This change will give them 40% more money

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The Government will begin paying higher wages to its workers at the end of April, according to The PUNCH. This is likely to happen unless something unexpected happens.

President Buhari is expected to give the go-ahead for the payment soon.

If the plan gets accepted, the increase in price will happen about two months before the deadline in June to stop giving money off on gasoline.

Federal Government officials told The PUNCH that they will increase the pay of government workers. They will call this increase “consequential allowance” and it will raise their pay by 40%.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment’s Director of Press and Public Relations, Olajide Oshundun, said in an interview with The PUNCH that the government might start giving workers a 40% pay increase at the end of April. The workers’ payments for January, February and March will be paid after this.

Oshundun said he didn’t know if the President approved the government committee’s proposal yet.
He said that the pay of government workers from level 1 to level 17 will go up by 40%.

The pay structure we get is called the consolidated public service salary. It has both the basic pay and additional allowances combined. The public servant will get 40% more money than what they’re earning now.

They will begin paying at the end of April. The unpaid money from January, February, and March will be paid later. Your pay will go up starting in January 2023. A group was made to decide on how much money government workers should make. They gave their idea to the President, but it’s not certain if he agreed to it.

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Chris Ngige, who is in charge of labor and employment, said last month that the government has decided to increase the salaries of government workers in the country.
The bosses of the worker unions said the planned salary increase was too small and wouldn’t make up for a 40 percent raise.

Tommy Etim, who is the National Vice President of the Trade Union Congress, said in a phone interview that the government is planning to raise “allowances” instead of “salaries,” as some people thought.

He thinks that the allowance is more now because of the special things that happened when they took away the fuel subsidy and prices went up. But he emphasized that government workers still haven’t gotten their money.

He said that if the government goes ahead with their plan, the union will keep trying to negotiate for a higher minimum wage. They already talked about this during their acceptance speech.

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