The government has agreed to give N6 billion for repairing the Third Mainland Bridge

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The government has given N6.28bn to fix the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos.

Babatunde Fashola, who is in charge of building homes and roads, talked to reporters after a meeting with government leaders. He said that in two years, they will fix 11 kilometers of important roads, including entrances and exits.

He said that the action matches with an order signed by President Muhammadu Buhari in April 2022 that made the country’s policy on taking care of things legal.

Not long ago, the Lagos State Government said they will fix the old 32-year-old bridge because some parts of it are damaged. Now they have announced that they will close the bridge completely for a few months to do the work.

But, Fashola said that there won’t be any repeating of work.

The old leader of Lagos State said that the group taking care of the roads will work on the structure underneath the bridge, while the government will fix problems on the top, like holes in the road and barriers that are missing.

He spoke.
The Council agreed to pay N6.28bn for two years to fix the road on the third mainland bridge.

Someone asked me about the things that were done on the bridge in the past. The workers are mainly focusing on the base of the bridge, which includes the parts that go underwater and the pieces that support it. They are also replacing the parts that allow the bridge to expand and move.

These are important repair jobs that are necessary to keep the bridge strong and safe. What we have now is not the same as before. It’s the road you drive on and also how it looks. Some of the bars have been taken. Some of the folds are not where they should be when you enter or exit the bridge.

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Fashola said that they don’t expect long closures while they’re working.

The council gave permission to change the amount of money for building the old road from Enugu to Onitsha. The cost went up to N48.99bn, with an extra N17.5bn.

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