The APC requested the tribunal to state that the Kano governorship election was inconclusive

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The APC wants the tribunal to say that the election in Kano on March 18 wasn’t finished.

The party disagrees with Alhaji Abba Kabir-Yusuf of the NNPP being declared the winner of the election by INEC.

In the election, Kabir-Yusuf got more votes than Dr Nasiru Gawuna and won. Kabir-Yusuf got 1,019,602 votes, while Dr Nasiru Gawuna got 892,705 votes.

The APC said Kabir-Yusuf of NNPP shouldn’t run in the election because his name wasn’t on the list of NNPP members sent to INEC. They wrote a five-part letter saying this.

People named NNPP, Kabir-Yusuf, and INEC are being asked to respond in a formal request.

The APC said NNPP didn’t win because some of the votes weren’t valid. If those votes were removed, APC would have won.

The APC said that the Kano Resident Electoral Commissioner made a mistake by saying that Kabir-Yusuf won. They said that the difference between the votes was not big enough when they cancelled some of the votes.

The party asked the court to say that NNPP didn’t have a candidate and Kabir-Yusuf was not on the list of voters given to INEC during the election.

The APC asked a court to say that their person, Dr Nasiru Gawuna, won the vote.

The party also asked the tribunal to declare the election as inconclusive. They said that the difference in votes between the candidates was very small and some votes were cancelled.

The Kano APC Legal adviser, Malam Abdul Adamu-Fagge said that a court has allowed the inspection of the governorship election materials in all 44 local governments of the state.

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NAN said that the person running for governor from the APC party, Gawuna, was not part of the complaint.

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APC is a political party in Kano state.

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