The APC is requesting the Presidential Tribunal to ignore the PDP and Atiku’s complaint against Tinubu

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The APC asked the court to throw out the PDP’s complaint about Bola Tinubu winning the election.

APC asked the tribunal to say no to the request in its letter called a “notice of preliminary objection”. This was reported by NAN.

It was said that the group in charge didn’t have the power to make a decision about the PDP’s complaint about Tinubu’s win.

The APC said that the PDP needs to prove that there was cheating in specific polling units, but they didn’t give any information about where it happened.

The petition doesn’t have enough details to prove accusations of cheating, violence, and not following the Election Law.

The part 35 of the request is not important or understandable, and part 84 is unclear because it doesn’t say how many votes or voting places are needed to win against the person responding to the petition.

The APC stated.

The party asked the court to reject PDP’s complaint because it was not strong enough.

INEC said Tinubu won the presidential election because he got the most votes.

The PDP felt upset about the results of the election and went to court to challenge them.

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