Smart Adeyemi has a suggestion for Tinubu regarding Emefiele when he becomes president

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A senator from Kogi West named Smart Adeyemi said that when Bola Tinubu becomes the president, he should ask the CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele some questions.

The politician said in an interview on the TV that changing the design of Naira notes was done on purpose to make it difficult for Tinubu to become the president.

He said the leader of the main bank should tell us why they made a decision that caused disagreement in the country earlier this year.

He spoke

The plan was to make sure that APC did not win the election. They promised to make the Naira look new, but where are the new notes.

Slowly, they are no longer being used. If the judges did not speak up, Nigeria would have become very chaotic.

If I were Tinubu, when I become the leader, I would ask Emefiele and others to come and tell me why they changed the design of Naira notes.

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