Shehu Sani said that if obedient people are not involved in politics, Nigeria will have peace

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Shehu Sani, a former Nigerian political leader, said that if people who support Peter Obi, a candidate for the Labour Party, stop being involved in politics, there will be peace in Nigeria.

He said that if Peter Obi’s supporters, called Obidients, are not included, the country may become a tyranny.

Obidients often criticize the ruling All Progressives Congress and President Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership in a loud and noticeable way.

A lot of young people said the recent election was not fair. They think there was cheating and people were afraid to vote. The group is upset about this.

Some important people, including Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka, have said that they think the Obidients are disrespectful and don’t follow the rules.

Sani shared his opinion on Twitter about the Obidients movement and how they affect the country. He said that if the supporters of the Labour Party weren’t involved in politics, we would have peace and no tyranny.

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