Reno Omokri’s demand for Peter Obi’s arrest causes outrage

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Reno Omokri, a prominent campaigner for the Atiku/Okowa administration, has urged the Federal Government to pursue Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party (LP), if he makes treasonous statements.

Omokri announced the decision in a tweet on Wednesday.

He was responding to Lai Mohammed, the minister of information and culture, who had warned on Tuesday that Obi and his running mate, Datti Baba-Ahmed, ran the risk of being charged with treason due to some of their statements regarding the presidential election on February 25.

Muhammad claimed that Obi and his running mate were inciting violence because of the election’s results.

Recall that Channels Television was also subject to an N5 million fine from the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) for allegedly breaking the NBC code during a program starring Baba-Ahmed.

In a radio interview, Baba-Ahmed claimed that Tinubu had not met the criteria outlined in the section of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) that dealt with the presidential election.

The information minister, who is in Washington to discuss the recently concluded 2023 polls with foreign media outlets and think tanks like the Washington Post, Voice of America, Associated Press, and Foreign Policy Magazine, said it was improper for Obi to simultaneously call for redress in court over the polls’ results and incite violence.

The end of democracy in Nigeria cannot be threatened by Obi and his vice, Datti Ahmed, if Bola Tinubu, the president-elect of the All Progressives Congress (APC), takes office on May 29. This is high treason. This is what they are doing, and you can’t be encouraging insurrection.

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“Obi is not the democrat he claimed to be; his statement is that of a desperate person. A democrat shouldn’t only have faith in democracy after an election, he said.

The LP candidate, however, denied the charges, claiming he never advocated for or discussed undermining the Nigerian government.

In response to this development, Omokri tweeted: “The Federal Government should arrest them the next time either Peter Obi or Datti Baba Ahmed open their mouths to make treasonous comments. Nothing will take place. Arrest the wimpy simps if they blab anyhow! What happened when FG arrested Nnamdi Kanu? Did heaven fall?

Nigerians have vented their rage over his tweet in the comments section, in the meantime. A few of these remarks are listed below:.

@EnnyWizo stated:.

“Let them try it and see if this nation we called Nigeria will still exist. “.

Ifeanyi Obado7 stated:.

Why are you guys so fixated on Peter Obi? Even though Datti gave the contentious interview, the establishment went and began monitoring Peter Obi’s calls for the previous three years. It is sickening why people have this obsession. “.

@foldmelv stated :.

“I think it’s about time we found this efulefu’s location. I wanna figure out something.

The following is from @AmbGrant_ DeKing:.

“You are free to express any views you want; this is your right. Nnamdi Kanu and @PeterObi are two distinct individuals who stand for different things in our eyes. I challenge the federal government to arrest them while @inecnigeria Chairman, who put everyone in danger, is still on the loose. “.

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Don’t reply to Reno’s tweet again because that is the response he wants from us, so please just ignore him. He is only trying to get attention and make headlines because we abandoned him a few weeks before the election.


“It’s better for the federal government to arrest them than for you to be arrested by God, because I know yours is coming thick and fast and I’ll be here to be the first to mock you,’ the speaker said. You cannot defeat us, Ndi-Igbo hater. “.


“Nothing will happen even if you return to Nigeria, Reno. Really, I do. El-zazaki was ultimately arrested, but nothing else happened.

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