Primate Ayodele says that if the Igbos don’t elect a Senate President soon, a Muslim person will become the next Senate President instead

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The boss of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, named Primate Elijah Ayodele, said on Wednesday that the next Senate leader should be from the Igbo tribe.

Primate Ayodele said that if someone who is not from the Igbo tribe becomes the next Senate President, it is possible that the person will be a Muslim.

A leader named Oluwatosin Osho said that if a Muslim becomes the next Senate Leader, it could cause problems for the new government because it might make people fight.

The religious leader doesn’t like the idea of two Muslim politicians from the same party running for office together. He said it’s not what God wants and it will cause problems for the country.

He told Igbo politicians to work together and help one of their own become Senate President. If they can’t do this, their area won’t have someone in this important job for a long time.

Ayodele said.

“To be fair, the Igbo people should choose the next Senate leader. If not, someone from the Muslim religion might be picked and cause problems for the new government.” This will also create problems in politics and make the government uneven.

“Igbo lawmakers should work together to select one of their own as the next senate president. If they don’t, their region won’t have as much power in the new government.”

God doesn’t like this Muslim-Muslim government. It will cause a lot of problems in the country and will be the worst government so far.

In the House of Representatives, Primate Ayodele suggested that the opposing parties team up to win the Speakership election against the ruling party.

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He said that if they work together, the new government will have to be more careful.

The people who are against something should work together to choose someone for a job called the House of Representatives speakership position. The other political group should choose the next leader of the House of Representatives to make sure the new government is careful. If the party currently in power wins, Nigeria will face a big problem.

He spoke.

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