Police seize the alleged murderer of Ruth Bako, a student at UNIJOS

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Ruth Bako, who was raped and murdered sometime in December 2022 in the Farin Gada neighborhood of the State’s Jos North local government area, has allegedly been killed, according to the Plateau State Police Command.

Remember how the discovery of the young woman’s body in the Farin Gada neighborhood on a Sunday morning sparked new tension in the neighborhood? It was discovered next to a car wash.

Ruth was allegedly attacked, stabbed, and sexually assaulted by the attacker who was later paraded by the police alongside other suspects at the police headquarters in Jos on Tuesday. Ruth was reportedly returning from her job at the time.

State Commissioner of Police CP Batholomew Onyeka was absent, so Police Public Relations Officer DSP Alfred Alabo spoke in his place.

“This morning, I called you to give you an update on some of our operational breakthroughs. The capture of Miss Ruth Bako’s murderers: This is a follow-up to the murder of Miss Ruth Bako ‘f’ on October 12, 2022, in which she was stabbed, sexually assaulted, and had her possessions taken away by an unidentified person. She lived in Angwan Jarawa, Farin Gada, Jos.

Police officers from the Laranto Division of the Command, under the direction of CSP Pam Ishaya, took immediate action and apprehended Ephraim Emmanuel “m” of Angwan Jarawa, Farin Gada, Jos while using the victim’s phone. During questioning, the suspect admitted that he had purchased the phone from Friday Samson “m” of the same address.

“Further investigation resulted in the capture of the alleged Friday Samson, the perpetrator who confessed to the rape and murder of the aforementioned Miss Ruth Bako. It’s still being looked into. “.

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How I accomplished it was:.
The suspect, Friday Samson, 29, a father of two and an assistant choirmaster in a church, however, stated to the Vanguard, “I am here because I raped and killed someone. Even though I had no justification for what I did, I still did it out of pure heartless wickedness. She refused to have a sexual relationship with me that day, so out of wickedness I raped and killed her.

I work as a security guard at a gas station in Farin Gada. I was on duty that day and saw her leave around 11:00 p.m. Although I’ve never met her and don’t know her, I called to ask if I could have a sexual encounter with her, but she declined. I pursued her and finally caught up to her. I attacked her then, stabbing her and raping her.

She wasn’t dead when I raped her; it was just heartless behavior. I took her phone and kept it in my possession for a month after the rape. Following that, I sold it to Ephraim Emmanuel; however, I omitted to mention how I came into possession of the phone and simply informed him of its ownership. A Redmi model is the phone. August 2022 marked the beginning of my employment at the gas station, and my starting salary was N28,000. “.

“I bought the phone because I know him as my choirmaster,” said Emmanuel, the phone’s purchaser. He didn’t let me know that he wasn’t the phone’s owner, and I was unaware of the phone’s backstory. I told the police who sold me the phone after they tracked the phone to me and arrested me. “.

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The police also detained suspects for armed robberies, illegal gun possession, criminal conspiracies, theft, intimidation, obstruction, assault, and causing great harm.

The Command gave the public the assurance that “as we continue to deal a devastating blow to criminal elements in the State, we will not relent in our efforts to get rid of repugnant and criminal-minded officers among us whose conducts are inimical to the image of the Force.

“As I speak with you, the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) of the Command has arrested all five of the police officers from the ‘C’ Division who are suspected of being responsible for the recent murder of 17-year-old innocent Ibuchim Ofezie at the Jos Terminus Main Market. “

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