Peter Okoye says Hakimi suggests marrying your mother if you don’t trust your wife

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Peter, is a well-known singer from Nigeria who is often referred to as Mr. P. P expressed their opinion about the divorce situation involving PSG defender Achraf Hakimi.

On Friday, it was reported that a man from Morocco left his wife, Hiba Abouk. When they got divorced, Hiba wanted more than half of the things that belonged to a famous soccer player called PSG star.

They found out afterwards that the Moroccan did not own anything and had given all his things like clothes, car and house to his mother.

Okoye tweeted and asked why so many men are happy about the footballer’s story. He said that if you do not have trust in your wife, do not get married to her.

The person singing said to always keep in mind that their mother is also a wife to someone.

“He put words on paper.”
I don’t understand why many men are happy about the Hakimi story. Can someone explain it to me? We need to say the truth, even if it’s not a pleasant thing to hear. If you don’t believe her, then don’t get married. It’s that easy. Do you want your wife to be unhappy after you get divorced?

Don’t forget – the person you trusted with all your stuff because of their relation to Mother used to be married to your Dad. HakimiDivorce means that Hakimi and their spouse have decided to end their marriage.

The woman you are talking about used to be married to someone before becoming a mother. Imagine if she was treated the way you treat others. Please marry your mother, end of story.

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Get the supposed experts on social media to have that man as a family member. Go check on them and be humble. Bad people!

“Everyone should go and marry their mother quickly, as Hakimi wants you to do so.”

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