Peter Obi was asked to attend Tinubu’s inauguration by the group in charge of organizing the event for the president

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The committee planning the inauguration of Nigeria’s new President, Bola Tinubu, on May 29, 2023 has asked Peter Obi to come to the event.

On Tuesday, SaharaReporters saw a letter inviting the Obi from the Labour Party. Obi came third in the presidential election on February 25. The people who came before him were Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar from the Peoples Democratic Party.

The group that runs voting in Nigeria said Tinubu got the most votes with 8,794,726. Atiku got the second most with 6,984,520 and Obi got the third most with 6,101,533.

It was noticed that Obi was given a specific seat number. On May 29th, there is an event where something called “101” will be happening. The invitation says to be careful with whatever this is.

The group in charge of the inauguration is proud to say that Bola A. Tinubu is now the President of Nigeria and Kashim Shettima M. is also involved. As Vice President of Nigeria, you are invited for an event on May 29, 2023.

In March, Obi and the Labour Party protested Tinubu’s win in the presidential election.

Obi wants INEC to give him a certificate that proves he won the election for President of Nigeria instead of Tinubu.

The people who need to give a response are INEC, Tinubu, Shettima and the APC.

Obi’s lawyer, Livy Ozoukwu, said to the tribunal that Tinubu shouldn’t have run for the election and that he didn’t win by getting the most legal votes at the time.

The petition says that Tinubu didn’t get enough votes in Abuja, so he shouldn’t have won the presidential election on February 25, 2023.

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This means that they checked all the votes and the first person who applied for the job got the most votes. They got at least 25% of the votes in most of the states in the country. So, they can now be declared the winner of the Presidential election that took place on 25th February 2023.

Obi and LP wanted the tribunal to cancel the election and make INEC hold a new one without Tinubu, Shettima, and APC.

On Thursday last week, SaharaReporters were the only ones to say that Tinubu said 13 more people will join the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Tinubu wrote a letter to a person named Secretary to the Government of Federation. Boss Mustapha said that a man who used to be a Senator for Borno North and is now the National Deputy Chairman (North) of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) will be running for an important position. This information was given to SaharaReporters. Abubakar Kyari is in charge of the money for the Committee. He is called the Coordinator and Director of Finance and Budget.

The leader of business growth at NEXIM Bank in Nigeria is the Executive Director for Business Development. Stella Okotete is going to be in charge of the Secretariat’s Planning and Monitoring section, and Mr. Makinde Araoye, who once wanted to be a governor for the APC party in Ekiti State, will be in charge of organizing parades and the swearing-in ceremony for a week-long event.

The person in charge of talking about the Presidential campaign for the APC party, Mr. Bayo Onanuga will be in charge of communicating with the public, and Dr. Betta Edu, who is currently both the Cross Rivers State Commissioner for Health and the National Women Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), will also be working with him. Betta Edu will lead the doctors for the inauguration committee.

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A person who used to be a military leader and is the younger brother of a former president named Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, named Colonel. Abdulazeez Yar’Adua will lead the security and ceremonial parade during the inauguration with Barr. Zainab Buba Marwa is the wife of a man who used to be in charge of Lagos State’s military, and now he runs a group called NDLEA that deals with drugs in Nigeria. Buba Marwa is helping plan a fancy dinner and party before the inauguration for the committee.

There are some more people who are part of the committee. They are Samira Saddik, who is in charge of Children’s Day, Abuh Andrew Abuh who is handling Accommodation, and Dr. . Danladi Bako will give a talk, Hajiya Hadiza Mohammed Kabir will talk about transportation and logistics, Donald Wokoma will handle invitations, Bishop Adegbite will lead a church service, and Imam Faud will lead a Jumat service.

Tinubu, who will become the President, first suggested two people for important positions: Governor Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi State and a previous Commissioner for Finance in Lagos, Mr. Muiz Banire. Wale Edun will join Boss Mustapha’s team as representative on the Transition Committee.

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