Peter Obi says he will not be forced to leave Nigeria

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Mr. Peter Obi, who ran for president with the Labour Party, says no one can make him leave Nigeria.

He said his party wants to make a better Nigeria. He thinks there are many bad people who are hurting the regular people, and his party will work to get rid of them from politics.

He said he won’t stop until the bad people are removed from government positions in the country.

Yesterday, a previous governor of Anambra state spoke at Onitsha Holiday Resort in Onitsha. He asked the people who will vote in the upcoming election in Ogbaru Federal Constituency to vote for him. He complained that many people in this country are facing problems and there is a lot of pain.

Obi went on a tour of the different areas in the Constituency where INEC was going to hold another election to decide who would win the federal constituency seat.

Obi went to different places to introduce the LP candidate, Afam Ogene, to the people in the area. He was with Senator-elect Tony Nwoye and Mr. Nduka Obaigbena. Oseloka Obaze asked people to vote for Afam Ogene because he wants to build a better Nigeria. He said, “Please vote for us, vote for the Labour Party, and we will help Afam Ogene rebuild Ogbaru.”

“When I was governor, I made all these roads. If you choose us in the election on Saturday, we will come back to say thank you. Afam Ogene will make progress here,” he promised.

After the February 25 election for president and National Assembly, the INEC did not declare a winner for the Ogbaru federal constituency because they could not hold the election in about 45 polling units. This was because of violence or cheating.

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