Peter Obi is suing the Peoples Gazette for using a doctored audio call

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Even after the presidential election on February 25, 2023, Nigerians have continued to be committed to the fundamental goal of a New Nigeria that is Possible. I want to express my gratitude to the youth and the Obidients in particular.

It is official that I stayed committed to and focused on an issue-based campaign about a New Nigeria that is Possible, a change in emphasis from consumption to production, and a New Nigeria that is distinguished by inclusion, justice, equity, fairness, and prosperity.

I emphasized time and time again that people should vote for me based on their evaluation of my character, competence, capacity, credibility, and compassion rather than their assessment of my tribe or religion in order to help build a new Nigeria.

The current attempts by the APC as a Party and the APC-led government to divert our focus away from our blatantly stolen mandate through some government officials and agencies are unfortunate and sad.

These have materialized and have persisted in various ways, including the malicious accusation of the Minister of Information, Mr. Lai Mohammed, the dissemination of a fake doctored audio call, and pressure on me to leave the country.

The audio call that is being spread is fake, and I never suggested—not once during the campaign or since—that the 2023 election will be or was a religious conflict.

It’s very sad and evil to try to manipulate Nigerians. Against Peoples Gazette and others, our legal team has been instructed to file the proper legal claims.

While we urge all concerned Nigerians and the International Community to urge the APC and the APC Led-government to stop their vicious attacks, my focus and commitment to lawfully and peacefully reclaim our mandate to secure and unite our Nation, take Nigeria from consumption to production, lift millions of Nigerians out of multidimensional poverty, especially in the North, and jumpstart prosperity through an agricultural, industrial, and technological revolution remain.

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After the election, we are in court to reclaim our mandate that was stolen. Let me reiterate that we are doing so in accordance with our legal framework and constitution by all peaceful and legal means, and I continue to appeal to all Nigerians to maintain peace and adherence to the law.

That Nigeria is our only country should be kept in mind by those who are fixated on igniting the polity, sowing discord, hostility, and tension both inside and outside of Nigeria. We should concentrate on finding solutions to the numerous problems we face, like:.

flawed election procedures, the sorry state of our economy, an unmanageable debt load, deplorable inflation and unemployment, insecurity, and widespread poverty. God will assist us in creating a new Nigeria. – PO

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