Peter Obi is attacked for his comments against the appeal of the US Secretary of State to Tinubu

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Labor Party (LP) 2023 presidential candidate Peter Obi has been attacked by alleged opposition party members for his comments on the phone call between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and the President-elect Bola Tinubu.

Recall, INFORMATION NIGERIA earlier reported that Bliken called Tinubu on Tuesday and told him that Joe Biden’s government was determined to strengthen ties with Nigeria.

The US Secretary of State said the US-Nigeria partnership is based on shared interests and strong people-to-people ties, and these ties should be further strengthened under Tinubu’s tenure.

However, Bliken and Tinubu also discussed the importance of inclusive leadership representing all Nigerians and reforms to support Nigeria’s economic growth.

Obi responded in a statement via his official Twitter account on Friday, saying there was some ambiguity around the US Secretary of State’s call to Tinubu. He said the United States would have to wait for the full resolution of the pending legal proceedings before tacitly condoning Tinubu’s victory.

Following the development, some All Progressives Congress (APC) members and Tinubu supporters took to the comment section to criticize the former governor of Anambra State for his statement.

The comments read;
@BashirAhmaad wrote:

“Do you still cry during the phone call if the person is preparing to come to Abuja to attend the BAT inauguration ceremony?”

@phantom_Dviperr wrote:

“Calm down friend. You lost because you’re too stingy”

@Mario9jaa wrote:

“Ekwute, rest in the name of Jesus!!!”

@yanjumoney wrote:

“You will never be president of Nigeria.”

@TundeJamiu5 wrote:

“Imagine third position. No loud vocals you get. With retweets. We did not send May 29 to come to Eagle Square as a spectator.

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@abdulkarerm_m wrote:

“Why Obi doesn’t respect people’s choice, are you more Nigerian than people who vote for APC?”

@MolaDhikr wrote:

“You have no moral authority to talk about the rule of law when you are hanging out with someone who has been fired by a competent court. You are a hypocrite, a liar and a disgrace to well-meaning Nigerians.”

@LegendaryJoe wrote:

“You are too Garulous… Endless foam like a cursed parrot… Rest, you won’t be the first to finish third in an election. Rest.”

@Africanoidspace wrote:

“Peter Obi can’t even read his tweet. Everything about him is fake.

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