People who worked in a restaurant got in trouble because they took some oil and chicken wings. They have to go to jail for five years

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Two workers from Pizzaman restaurant called Seidu Karim and Rashid Abdullah have been jailed for five years in Ghana. They were punished for taking 20 boxes of chicken wings and two gallons of oil from the restaurant’s storage area in Kumasi, Ghana.

The police officer told the court that on May 1, 2023, someone called the boss of Pizzaman and said that two bottles of oil and eight boxes of chicken wings were taken from the warehouse.

The chef heard that their food was missing, so they checked their supplies and saw that things were gone.

On an urgent meeting, the workers were asked to bring back the things that were stolen.

The news says that Abdullah told the police that Karim hid some cooking oil behind the fence.

Karim said he saw Rashid hiding two boxes of chicken wings behind the fence.

They got back the things that were stolen from them and gave them to the police, who looked into the matter.

Karim admitted to taking 20 gallons of cooking oil from the company over two months.

Some people were found guilty of a crime and were given a punishment of being put in prison and made to do difficult physical work for five years.

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