People in Edo are very upset because 18 different parts of the area are making three million naira every month from taxes

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The Edo State government is angry at anyone in charge of local government who is cheating or doing things they shouldn’t be doing. This is causing the money they make from taxes to go down. The government might investigate, arrest, or fire those people.

Yesterday, the deputy governor named Comrade Philip Shaibu had a meeting with HOLGAs and officers who work with local governments. This happened at the Government House in Benin City and it was not open to the public. During the meeting, the Deputy Governor announced something important.

The leaders of three important transport groups were there: RTEAN, NURTW, and ANNEWATT.

Shaibu suggested that the government may ask the EFCC to investigate the councils.

He spoke.
The local government councils are only making a small amount of money each month, which is not enough. This is because of things like people not doing their job properly, being dishonest, not taking responsibility, and not showing up to work.

He stated that out of the total tax revenue collected in Egor, one local government contributed only N1 million while the others contributed N2 million. This behavior was deemed illegal and not acceptable by the government.

Motorcycles and tricycles can’t make more money than cars and buses combined.

We will ask EFCC to check what you have been doing lately. If anyone has done something wrong, they will be fired, arrested, and taken to court.

The deputy governor told some people in charge of local government areas to make a group that can collect money in a fair way. This will make sure the money is used responsibly.

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