On May 29th, the EFCC found out that some governors, ministers, and other people planned to run away and avoid punishment

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The EFCC found out that some important people who are involved in politics are planning to leave the country after May 29.

The PEPs are important government officials who are being monitored closely. They include governors, ministers and other people who were appointed to their positions through politics.

The commission said Governor Bello Muhammed Matawalle did something wrong by asking for $2 million as a bribe. They also said the Chairman, Abdulrasheed Bawa, was involved.

It said that the claim was not true and unbelievable.

The person in charge of speaking for a group said something in a written message. Wilson Uwujaren from EFCC wants other countries to stop important people from running away.

The message said:
The commission wants to warn people that some important people who are thought to be corrupt may leave the country before May 29.

The group is working closely with other countries to stop people from running away and to punish the people behind it.

The EFCC said it will not argue with the suspect Matawalle who is accused of asking for $2 million.

The message said:

Matawalle is throwing dirt at others because he is in trouble and trying anything to save himself.

The group investigating corruption will not argue with a person they suspect who is making false claims. Even though it’s annoying, they won’t stoop to their level.

If Matawalle wants people to believe him, he needs to give strong evidence to support what he’s saying instead of just making threats.

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